Motor yacht charter – the safest vacation

Motor yacht charter - the safest vacation

Many people decide to go on vacation in late August or September. No wonder, because then the weather in southern Europe is perfect. Motor yacht charter provides the safety that tourists are so much sought after during the COVID-19 pandemic. Discover its advantages with us! A few words about yachting Yachting as a perfect way […]

Motor yacht charters in the time of the coronavirus

Motor yacht charters in the time of the coronavirus

I am sitting on a bench in a park in Warsaw, on the Vistula Boulevards … I am stationed in the capital on a daily basis, I am able to work remotely, but in the season the plan was that I would be in Split very often with my clients and my Croatian team. As […]

Motor yacht charter as the safest holiday choice

Motor yacht charter

At a time when social isolation and being in the group of only the closest people has become a desire worth its weight in gold, sailing on a motor yacht in solitude seems and probably will be the safest form of vacation after 2020. At the moment, we are all waiting for information on the […]

Dream vacation on a motor yacht?

Dream vacation – what can you do on a yacht? If you choose a motor yacht cruise in Croatia, you have to realize that during the cruise, the yacht will become your home. So staying on board will be a paradise everyday! Get ready for water that will surround you from almost all sides and […]