How does a motor yacht charter with a crew look like? Get to know the duties of the crew on the yacht!

The responsibilities of individual crew members are so varied that we decided to present them in a separate blog entry . If you value comfort, the crewed yachting option will certainly allow you to enjoy the cruise even more intensely! Thanks to us, you will learn about the duties of 3 crew members: captain, flight attendant and deckhand.

Crewed motor yacht charter – 7 things you need to know

Motor yacht charter with crew

1. Duties of a flight attendant

The duties of a flight attendant are not known to all those setting out on a cruise with a crew.

At the outset, it should be emphasized that the scope of the flight attendant’s duties largely depends on the crew members she travels with. Much also depends on the individual requirements and needs of the client. Most often, the flight attendant travels with the skipper. Then it helps him during maneuvers. Employment on board the flight attendant is of course possible, but this option applies to medium-sized vessels. Below we have collected the most frequently asked questions by our clients along with the answers.

2. Does the flight attendant prepare meals?

Yes, as long as there is no chef on board . Then, one of the duties of a flight attendant is to prepare simple meals and serve them. Most often these are breakfasts, lunch, but also drinks and snacks during the day. Dinner on board can be prepared at the request of guests, as they are most often held in restaurants in the ports.

3. Can I order a flight attendant for groceries?

Yes. It is also one of the duties of the flight attendant.

4. What are the other duties of a flight attendant?

The duties of the flight attendant are varied, but the main one is keeping the yacht clean. During bathing and sunbathing all day on the yacht, he also prepares drinks, cocktails and takes care of chilled drinks. The flight attendant will also advise you on places worth seeing in a given marina, which venues to go to, give advice and share interesting facts with you. The flight attendant can also be a guide and interpreter. He also often helps the captain in navigating the yacht, operates the tender and other water toys. As a rule, the flight attendant has evenings off and then can enjoy some time for herself. However, at the client’s request, it can prepare and serve dinner.

5. Who is the captain and what are his tasks?

When writing about who the captain is, at the beginning it should be emphasized his important function on the yacht . He is not only responsible for the cruise, but also for the safety and protection of passengers. Traveling with the captain makes yachting a lot easier, especially in the high season. Hiring a captain also saves you time. The captain is considering where to anchor the boat for the night and how to tie it. It also monitors the weather forecast and can give you useful advice and information.

The captain’s duties also include:

  • boat maintenance
  • minor repairs while shipping
  • arranging formalities in the marina
  • sometimes deck cleaning and other service work

If you hire a captain, you must remember to provide him with food and accommodation . On large vessels, we already have separate cabins for the crew, including for the captain.

6. Deckhand – what does it do?

Deckhand is another crew member who has a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders. Its basic activities include: loading and unloading luggage or cargo, moving heavy objects and maintaining equipment, and assisting in emergency situations. For this reason, the deckhand must be familiar with the ropes, knots, and navigation and radio equipment. Deckhand also keeps the deck clean and provides cabins for passengers and crew. It can also support flight attendants in preparing and serving meals for guests.

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