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Most frequently asked questions

What is a charter yacht without a crew (bareboat)?

Uncrewed charter is a charter or boat rental agreement that does not include any crew (captain, hostess, etc.). Under this agreement, persons who rent such a boat from the owner or charter company are fully responsible for the yacht and guests on board during the charter period.

Where can I charter a motor yacht?

You can charter motor yachts all over the world. Every year they become more and more popular, which leads to the increasing number of offers on the charter market.

How to charter a yacht?

All you need to do is send us an email or fill out the application that is available on our website. Our expert will ask you a few basic questions pertaining to your preferences and you will be sent the available offers on the market. After accepting one of the offers, all you have to do is get ready for your excursion!

Can I charter a yacht for only one day?

Yes, it is possible as long as it is not during the peak renting season (June, July, August). We do not rent yachts for a day-charter in those months. Any other dates are considered individually depending on the booking status.

What is needed to drive a yacht (bareboat) independently?

To operate a yacht without a crew, you need a motorboat patent, which we verify before each booking confirmation. In Croatia, a VHF radio license is also required.

What is the deposit for the yacht?

This is a financial security for the fleet operator, which covers any costs of repairing the yacht due to the fault of the charterer or the purchase of lost equipment. Its amount depends on the dimension of the yacht and also on the amount of own contribution, which is included in the insurance policy. The deposit is always paid by credit card or cash before picking up the yacht at the base.

What is deposit insurance?

This insurance is highly recommended and can be bought from the fleet operator. It comes in various packages with other travel insurance or you can also buy it separately. Such insurance covers damages, except for situations that are described in detail in the contract.

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