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Most frequently asked questions, yacht charter with no secrets

What is bareboat charter ?

A bareboat or crewed charter is a contract for the charter or rental of a motor yacht or a boat. The contract contains no crew and no provisions. So those who use the bareboat charter offer are responsible for the things and activities carried out by the crew. This service is commonly referred to as bareboating or bareboat charter. The task of the charter company is to organize the crew, the supply of the yacht and the commercial operation. It is important that the contract gives the charterer full control over the motorboat and is fully legally and financially responsible for the boat. In addition, he bears all operating costs, such as fuel, insurance or crew costs.

Where can I charter a motor yacht ?

Motor yachts can be charter all over the world. This solution becomes more and more popular every year - as a result, the offer of companies specializing in their chartering is regularly expanding. The prepared proposal includes the possibility of charter yachts in Croatia and Spain. It is a perfect solution for people who want to experience unforgettable moments or celebrate important occasions - engagements, weddings, anniversaries and many others.

How to charter a yacht ?

It's not difficult to charter a yacht - just let us know. You can send us an email or fill out the form available on our website. All you have to do to find available offers is select the date and destination and the number of guests and cabins required. Based on this information, the available offers are displayed. Now all you have to do is analyze them according to your expectations and you can enjoy an unforgettable trip! If you need the help of specialists - contact us. Our consultants will help you to find a perfect offer, but also support you with all formalities - you can count on our full support in every phase of the yacht charter.

Can I charter a yacht for only one day ?

Yes, it is possible to charter a yacht for one day. However, it is possible to charter the yacht only in the low season, i.e. in the months outside of June, July and August. During the period mentioned, it is possible to charter the yacht for a period longer than one day. In the other months, the possible dates and periods for chartering yachts are considered individually each time, and the possibilities depend on the current interest and occupancy. However, we encourage you to check the possible dates for short charter yachts each time - each time we examine the possibilities in order to meet your expectations as well as possible.

What is needed to drive a yacht (bareboat) independently ?

A motorboat patent is required to operate a yacht without a crew. The specified document is checked every time before the reservation is confirmed. If you do not have the specified document, it will not be possible to make a reservation. If you are planning a bareboat charter for Croatia, the charterer must have a VHF / VHF radio license. The person who signs the charter contract does not need to be certified. The yacht can be driven by a rented crew - a skipper, a friend or a family member - provided they are certified to do so.

What is the deposit for the yacht ?

The mandatory deposit for the yacht is a form of financial security for the fleet operator. It is raised to cover possible repair costs of the yacht, in the event of damage and breakdowns caused by the charterer or for the purchase of lost equipment. The amount of the deposit is determined individually each time and depends on the size of the yacht and the amount of the co-payment, which is included in the insurance policy. The deposit can be paid by credit card or in cash - always before picking up the yacht at the base. Upon return of the chartered yacht and if no damage is found, the amount paid will be fully refunded.

What is deposit insurance ?

The deposit insurance is a recommended fee that can be purchased by the operator of the yacht fleet and can take on different variants. It is offered in various packages with other travel insurances, but can also be purchased separately. This insurance covers damage, except in situations that are expressly described in the contract. However, the deposit insurance does not cover the costs that arise from the fact that the yacht is brought to a port other than the one specified in the contract, that there are delays in the return or that damage is caused under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. In most cases, the sails, dinghy and outboard motor are not covered - the full extent of the exclusions is determined individually by the insurer.

What should I do if a yacht breaks down ?

Various situations, including failures, can arise while the yacht is in motion. It is worth remembering that all actions that are carried out from the moment the yacht is chartered are carried out in accordance with the rules in force, so as not to lead to the occurrence of errors. If they do occur, the cause of the malfunction should be determined and appropriately secured so that it does not worsen. Minor damage can be documented with photos, but more serious damage must be reported to the landlord as soon as possible. If the fault report is not reported and the obligations are not properly fulfilled, the landlord can be charged with the costs of eliminating the fault.

Is the yacht insured ?

All yachts offered are insured in terms of liability insurance. The insurances cover a variety of risks, such as B. Maneuvering in port or collisions. However, it should be noted that in the event of gross negligence on the part of the landlord, which leads to defects that make a later, booked charter impossible, the landlord can demand compensation outside of the insurance. However, these situations are rare.

Can you drive the yacht at night ?

The charter yacht is not allowed to sail at night. Sailing is absolutely forbidden at this time. Yacht charter companies often write in their charter conditions that night sailing trips are not possible in severe weather conditions. This is a mistake - sailing at night is not possible in all weather conditions.

Does the person who charter the yacht have to clean it after it is chartered ?

The fee for chartering a yacht not only includes the use of the yacht during the trip, but also the cleaning after the yacht is returned to the port. This means that the landlord is not obliged to clean. However, it is good practice and custom to generally clean the interior after your vacation. It is advisable to wash the kitchen utensils or throw away larger rubbish. A slightly soiled yacht is no reason not to bring it back to port. The charter company can only refuse to reimburse the deposit in the event of gross dirt or disorder until the interior of the yacht has been brought into a satisfactory condition.

How can I pick up the yacht ?

If you take advantage of the offer to charter a yacht, you will receive detailed instructions for taking over the yacht. We deliver it to the customer immediately after booking. However, we ask you to take possession of your yacht slowly and without undue hurry. We recommend that you carefully check all items against the inventory list and follow the instructions. We declare that any irregularities should be reported to the entertainer prior to taking over the yacht. In the event of deficiencies in equipment, the client can request their addition. In addition, we recommend that you familiarize yourself thoroughly with the operation of the systems and the safety instructions after taking over the yacht.

Where can you go with a chartered yacht ?

In general, a chartered yacht can sail in the territorial waters of the country from which it was chartered. However, some yachts allow you to leave the territorial waters of the country - depending on the country. Some are not allowed to leave the waters, others only have certain restrictions. If you want to make sure that your cruise goes according to plan, it is worth asking the shipowner in advance about the permits - they will provide the permitted waters, possible exceedances and other valuable information.

Is it possible to sail a yacht with a child ?

A chartered yacht can be sailed with a child. In this situation, you should prepare well for the trip in terms of safety. It is advisable to bring sunscreen lotions and lotions, something to cover your head, and sunglasses. We provide life jackets for children. In addition, we supply safety nets free of charge to hang in the side rails and belts that are tailored to the age and weight of the child as safety equipment. It is worth considering ordering a safety net to attach to the side rails or a belt adapted to the child's age and weight for a fee. Every time you rent a yacht, please inform the company about the age of the child - thanks to this it is possible to prepare an individual offer adapted to the needs and expectations of the child and parents.

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