Are you eligible for a bareboat charter?

Unmanned yacht charter is a tempting option . Unfortunately, it is only for a select few because it requires appropriate permissions. Without them, you have nothing else to do but use a crewed charter. Find out if bareboat is the right option for you in our new article.

When can you decide to go on a bareboat charter?

Regulations govern the conditions of bareboat charter. Croatian law allows unmanned yacht charter only if you have two valid documents: the license of the yacht helmsman and the radio operator’s certificate (SRC). The yacht skipper’s license practically entitles you to rent yachts on your own, not only in Croatia, but practically all over the world. The yacht helmsman’s patent allows bareboat yachts up to 500 tons of displacement. As for the requirements for obtaining a patent, they are as follows:

  • turning 18 age,
  • having maritime experience during cruises.

It can therefore be said that the powers alone are not enough, because what matters most is experience! The SRC, on the other hand, is an international certificate that entitles it to operate radio devices. Obtaining it, however, is not a time-consuming process. Courses last 1 day! They are held in major Polish cities and are available practically all year round.

Can you get licensed in Croatia?

Bareboat is also possible thanks to the participation in the course concluded with the Croatian patent Voditelj Brodice (boat skipper) exam. It is a combination of powers – both to drive the yacht and to operate the VHF radio necessary for a cruise on the waters of the Adriatic. The requirements are the same as in the case of obtaining a yacht skipper’s license, i.e. adulthood and previous experience. Participants must have basic sailing knowledge.

Why bareboat?

A bareboat charter is certainly a great option for all those who value privacy. It also means more responsibilities. You yourself are responsible for cleanliness, cooking and you have to think about many things at the same time. We mentioned the advantages of a crewed charter in our previous post. There are also people who see it as a challenge and an opportunity to test their skills in practice.

On the other hand, it is a greater responsibility that lies practically on your shoulders. The second aspect is security. It applies not only to the yacht, but to all people who travel with you.

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