7 places to see while traveling in Croatia

Holidays on the Adriatic do not have to be boring. 7 places to see during a yacht trip in Croatia is a cruise offer addressed to people who want to touch the folklore, traditions of the local people and the culture of this beautiful country.

How does a motor yacht cruise on the Adriatic Sea look like? Can we actually visit a different place every day? What’s worth seeing in Croatia? You can read about all of this in our article.

1. Split – the magic hidden in the details

Split - magic hidden in the details

Split is the second largest city in Croatia with about 200,000 inhabitants, which makes it a metropolis. The biggest attraction is undoubtedly the remains of the gigantic palace of Emperor Diocletian. However, do not expect huge ruins … Over the years, the Palace has been devastated and today it covers mainly the old town. The former corridors and chambers of Diocletian’s summer residence are today streets and squares, but this is the charm of Spilt – the awareness that the buildings we walk next to are built on the walls of a huge Palace!

When in Split, pay attention to the characteristic Cathedral of St. Dujama. Initially, it was the former Diocletian’s mausoleum – an octagonal structure surrounded by 24 columns with an entrance guarded by a sphinx and lions. Split Cathedral is currently the oldest in the world due to its age.

2. Hvar Island – lavender island

Hvar island - lavender island

This is one of those places that will delight every tourist! It has been called the “Queen of Croatian Islands” for a reason – it is one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world! The rich and wild nature invites to hiking – lush vegetation, vineyards, olive trees, fields of stunningly fragrant lavender, all this, literally, at your fingertips.

See also the beautiful town of Hvar with its Spanish fortress rising above it. In the medieval old town you will find many monuments: the Venetian arsenal, the bishop’s palace and the Franciscan monastery.
It is worth mentioning that the Island of Hvar is one of the warmest and sunniest in the Adriatic.

3. Omis – the town of Pirates

Omis - the town of Pirates

Omis is a town with a very interesting history! It used to gather local pirates who had their headquarters here. Today? Today Omis is breathtaking for tourists from all over the world. Omis is surrounded by the Mosor mountain range and the Cetina River flows through them. The picturesque town attracts people with sun, Croatian hospitality and beautiful nature.

The streets of this city are teeming with life, we are sure that you will not be bored here!

4. Odysseus’ Cave

Odysseus' Cave

Ogygia, that is, according to researchers, the Croatian Mijet, links its story with Odysseus, who took many years to return from the Trojan War. It was here, in a cave in the south of the island, that the nymph Calypso, in love with him, imprisoned him.

Today you can visit this mythical prison of Odysseus, stopping nearby, dropping anchors and sailing to your destination in a dinghy.
Once you are docked on the island of Mijet, be sure to visit the fishing village of Pomena! It is surrounded by two lakes and a dense Mediterranean forest – perfect for a walk!

5. Korčula – a wild island

Korčula - a wild island

Are you lovers of adventure? Do you prefer gravel rather than sandy beaches? You must see the island of Korcula! Let the story of the adventurer Marco Polo, who was born on this island, also convince you. Here, moreover, thrown in prison, after a naval battle between the Venetian and Genoa fleets, he wrote his famous “Description of the World”.

Korčula is also famous for the local wines! Grk Posip, Rukatac and red Plavac – all famous in the world for their great taste and beautiful color.

6. Paklenica National Park – karst canyons

Paklenica National Park - karst canyons

Croatia is just… the sea for you? Nothing could be more wrong! Croatia is also a country of wonderful, picturesque mountains! And one of the most memorable places is Paklenica National Park with two magnificent karst canyons.

Velka Paklenica is over 14 km long and its walls are over 400 meters high. The neighboring one, Mala Paklenica, as the name suggests, is slightly lower, but the trail through it is much more demanding.

It is worth mentioning that Paklenica National Park is a place where crowds of tourists will miss you!

7. Makarska – amazing views

Makarska - amazing views

Our last recommended place to see during a yacht trip in Croatia is Makarska. It is one of the most popular resorts in Dalmatia, despite the fact that there are no monuments or medieval old towns there. But we will see crowds of tourists fighting for a place on the beach.

You will think – why do we recommend this place? For the views! The turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea adjoin the peaks of the Biokovo Mountains here. This wonderful picture cannot be put into words.

There are many mountains in Croatia, the sea may look similar everywhere, but you will not find such a combination anywhere else!

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