Yacht charter Guide

Yacht charter is the perfect solution for people who value freedom. When renting a yacht, we decide ourselves where we want to go, what to see and where to stay for the night. We travel at our own pace, and this is a very comfortable solution.

What is a yacht charter, what should you consider when renting a boat? We encourage you to read!

Yacht charter – the most important information

Yacht charter - the most important information

Let’s start with the most important information regarding formalities.

After selecting the date and the boat, we have 3 days to make the final decision about the charter. (This is a so-called option. After 3 days the option expires and the boat is available again and can be booked by other people).

If we decide to charter, we have to sign a contract and make an advance payment. In the case of bareboat charter, it is also necessary to send a valid sailing license.

Let’s go back to the charter date. Consider booking out of high season. This solution is recommended due to the number of tourists and the price, which is lower than in high season. (The high season starts around mid-June and lasts until mid-September).

Motor yachts – why is it worth it?

Motor yachts - why is it worth it?

Choosing a boat can prove to be quite a difficult task. We can choose sailing yachts, sailing and motor catamarans.

Motor yachts are becoming more and more popular – especially in Croatia. The undoubted advantage of such boats is that they are independent of the force of the wind. Moreover, yachts, compared to, for example, sailboats, are more comfortable.

Boat rental – which yacht model should you choose?

Boat rental - which yacht model should you choose?

When choosing a boat, it is good to pay attention to such issues as:

  • The number of cabins – of course, should be adapted to the number of passengers.
  • Professional service – we can choose to rent a boat with or without a crew, with a captain (you do not need a skipper’s license) or without a captain.
  • Amenities – it is also worth checking what amenities are waiting for us on a given boat.

Yacht charter – why is it worth it?

  • Visiting unique places in Croatia – when planning a cruise, take into account the Cave of Odysseus, the island of Korcula, the pirate town of Omis, and many other wonderful places.
  • Cruises in pleasant conditions – the cabins are functional and cozy, there is also a fully equipped kitchen on the yacht. Other amenities include a flybridge grill, playstation, water toys that will allow you to go crazy on the water and much more.
  • Full freedom – we plan the route of the cruise ourselves, we decide which marina we will stay in.
  • Peace and relaxation – peace and the vastness of the ocean will make us calm down and forget about the gray reality.

Before we go on a dream vacation to Croatia, we have to finalize the organizational matters and take care of all formalities. It is worth considering carefully the choice of the boat model, considering whether a better solution will be a cruise only with your loved ones, or also with the crew, who will take care of everything, including serving a cold drink. The date of the cruise is also important – it affects, among other things, the charter costs.

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