Motor yacht – What is it? Characteristic

Motor yachts are one of the most common choices among people planning to sail to the most beautiful parts of Croatia. A cruise on such a yacht means independence, travel comfort, no worries about the wind direction (the wind direction is very important during sailing trips).

What are motor yachts and what are their advantages? Below is a handful of information on this subject. We encourage you to read!

What are motor yachts?

Motor yachts are boats equipped with a mechanical drive – an engine. With such a boat, we can go almost anywhere, regardless of the direction of the wind. It is nice to anchor your yacht in a lovely cove, snorkel in the crystal clear waters, and finally sail quickly to the restaurant for dinner.

The boats in question are lower than the sailboats – so the bridges are not as difficult as in the case of sailboats. Motor yachts also have a smaller draft, but remember one very important thing! Draft increases with speed. The drive is at the lowest position, you have to be very careful not to damage it, it is the heart of the motor yacht.

Motor yachts are mainly associated with large, luxurious ships. On the Croatian market, however, we can more and more often come across smaller motor boats, which are becoming a lot of competition for very popular sailboats.

Motor yacht – advantages

What are the advantages of motor yachts?

  • Unlike sailboats, they are independent of the force of the wind.
  • Motor yachts are very comfortable. We have more free space inside and out here. The cabins are spacious and functional, passengers can use various amenities.
  • Motor boats are faster than sailboats, we can cover longer distances in less time.
  • Motor yachts are easier to handle than sailing yachts. For this reason, they are a good solution for beginners who do not have much experience in sailing.
  • Shallow draft is another plus. This makes it possible to swim along almost any shoreline or archipelago. The Adriatic Sea is a relatively shallow sea, especially around the islands, so a motor yacht will be perfect.

As you can see, motor yachts have many advantages. Such boats are equipped with numerous amenities, compared to sailboats they are easier to handle and have a shallow draft. So if you are planning a cruise to Croatia, a speedboat may be the perfect solution for you.

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