Charterowania yacht Guide – 6 golden tips

Are you planning a yacht charter? Are you dreaming of a unique yacht vacation?

It doesn’t matter if you are doing it for the first time or planning your next yacht charter.

Yacht charter – The most important things

6 golden tips from Heads Yachting will make you experience unforgettable moments! Find out what to determine before a yacht charter!

1. Number of people on the yacht

Number of people on the yacht

Yacht charter should be preceded by a plan. First, determine who and how many people you want to take with you. It is the people you travel with and their number that influence organizational issues. It depends on them: the choice of the yacht, the place and the budget for the yacht charter. Failure to establish the correct number of people on board may result in misunderstandings and disappointments. Here, the following are of great importance:

  • layout of the cabins
  • number of sleeping places
  • additional decks

It is also worth determining what kind of charter we expect. Some of the yachts are designed directly for families, while others are a better choice for people who are only looking for entertainment. Such people pay attention to additional amenities, for example, the possibility of practicing water sports and the type of water toys available. Depending on your preferences and the number of people you plan to charter a yacht with, choose the right yacht.

Some yachts are more comfortable for two people. Others are large and versatile enough to meet the expectations of an even larger group. Joint planning is certainly a way to reach compromise and satisfaction.

2. Convenient charter date

Convenient charter date

Before sending your inquiry to the charter company, choose a sailing date that is convenient for you. Failure to indicate a date complicates many matters. The time of planning and receiving offers is extended as the availability of motor yachts changes very quickly.

3. A perfect place for a charter

A dream destination for a charter

This is another point on the list to be determined before the yacht charter. Seemingly simple matter, but practice shows otherwise. Check what temperatures and when you can expect in a given region. Ask yourself what you want to do in your free time in the marina. What amenities are your priority? What budget are you able to spend on free time? If you decide to travel in a larger group, it is worth discussing this topic in advance. There is always a common goal. It can be, for example, visiting monuments.

Such a priority already narrows down the choice of a marina and suggests a culturally rich region. The same is true for other expectations. Before you charter a yacht, you need to be sure that the place offers what you care about the most!

4. Yacht insurance

Insurance is one of the most important things to think about before charter a yacht. You can choose from various variants and prices. We, as Heads Yachting, recommend that you take out a deposit and civil liability insurance against accidents.

5. Packing for the yacht

This is an important moment before every trip, including a yacht charter. If it’s going to be a unique adventure, you need to be prepared. Bathing suits, comfortable shoes and clothes open the list of charter essentials. Also remember about sunscreen, headgear and sunglasses. Yachts are a floating luxury, so their design is sure to impress you.

However, don’t hesitate to bring your favorite items, books or an e-book reader with you. Of course, you should also remember to take the necessary documents with you, i.e. ID card, passport and for unmanned charter also a valid license and authorization to drive motor yachts.

6. Convenience in a motor yacht

Last on our list, but invaluable on any yacht charter! Remember that for the sake of convenience, safety and time saving, you can apply to a professional charter company. The first charter in particular is an exciting challenge, but also involves many legal issues, such as the necessary documentation. Heads Yachting is a team of committed professionals who will help you choose the location, yacht and date. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. At Heads Yachting, luxury is a reality and we turn dreams into plans. Contact us today!

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