Traveling with children on a yacht – Guide

Is a yacht trip a suitable activity for the whole family? Yes of course! If you love sailing, you definitely want to pass this passion to your children.

Contrary to appearances, broadening the horizons of children is not such a difficult matter. Of course, traveling with the youngest family members can be stressful, requires proper preparation, talks and logistics, but you should not be afraid of holidays with children, because they are a great opportunity to spend time together! And vacation on a yacht is a real adventure that will remain in their memory for a long time, who knows, maybe thanks to such trips they will connect their future with sailing?

At what age should I take my children on the yacht?

It depends on you! There is no minimum age limit. We met with families who took even several-month-old babies on their journey. However, it is worth remembering that the journey will be most appreciated by the few-year-olds who are starting to be interested in the world around them and will shower their parents with questions.

Which yacht to choose?

As you probably already know, yachts are registered for a specific number of people, so the number of crew members may not exceed that indicated in the documents. This is a question of safety! Children in this case are counted as adults.

Our fleet includes the perfect yacht for a family! Sessa Fly 47 “Stardust” was created in 2019, designed by the Sessa Marine shipyard. There are 3 double cabins and 2 toilets on board. In the living room there is an additional fold-out sofa, so there are two additional places to sleep!

Our tip – when charter a yacht, make sure you rent a motor for the dinghy. This solution will make it easier for you to go ashore during a stop, and the raft ride itself is an additional attraction for children during the cruise!

Where to go on a yacht cruise with children?

Why is Croatia the perfect destination for your first family yacht trip?
The Dalmatian coast and the warm Adriatic Sea are the best choice. You can count on long, sunny days and warm water while bathing. The weather will not surprise you.

Another important issue is the islands – the distances between individual islands are small. You can change the route of the cruise or stop at the port at any time.

Croatian marinas are famous for their high standards – you will find spacious bathrooms, laundries and restaurants there. The alternative for them are city ports, usually located in the very center of charming towns. Overnight in a marina or in the port is a particularly good solution when sailing with babies. If your children can swim already, a stop on a buoy in one of thousands of picturesque bays can be a great attraction.

How to prepare children for travel?

Remember to properly prepare your children for a yacht holiday! How? Talk to them. Tell me what their vacation will look like, what is a yacht. Watch the video from Croatia together. Explain to them the safety rules.

How to plan a yacht trip?

Each vacation should be planned in detail, especially if we spend it with children. Such a travel schedule should take into account all the needs of the youngest.

Children get bored quickly and need changes, so it is best to divide the cruise route into short sections. It is worth including games and activities for children in your plan – drawing with crayons, drawing with chalk, arranging castles from stones found on the beach, or making jewelry from shells – it will certainly diversify the time of the little ones. However, for the youngest, the biggest attraction will be frequent swimming in the sea and the possibility of jumping into the water from the yacht!

Remember never to let them out of your sight while playing in the sea!

Also add the places you want to visit to your travel schedule. It is worth searching for information in advance about whether a given complex is equipped with, for example, a changing table for babies, whether there will be no problems with driving a pram, whether the attractions are adapted to the age of your children.

What to take with you when traveling with children on a yacht?

You should also include a list of things to take when traveling with children on a yacht in your itinerary. What might be on this list?

  • first aid kit
  • toys
  • clothes for all weather conditions
  • swimming accessories
  • cart

Remember that our Heads Yachting team will be happy to advise you on how best to prepare for a trip with children on a yacht, which yacht is best to choose and help ensure safety during the cruise.

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