Croatian phrasebook | Basic phrases

Are you planning a trip to Croatia? Then you should familiarize yourself with the common phrases in the language of this country! Croatian language is very interesting, and some greetings are similar to those in Polish. Remember that learning a language is always a valuable experience!

While in large resorts people speak English freely, in small towns the local community will greet you with the words: Dobrodošli!

Let’s start with the basics

Croatian is a phonetic language, that is, we read as the word is written. However, it is worth knowing the pronunciation of typically Croatian letters: č – we read like cz, š – like sz, and ž – like ż.

I understand – Razumijem
I do not understand – Ne razumijem
Yes – Da
No – Ne
Maybe – Možda
I don’t know – I don’t know

How do I say hello in Croatian?

Hello – Zdravo, Bok, Chao
Welcome – Dobrodošli
Good morning (morning) – Good tomorrow
Good morning (afternoon) – Dobar dan
Good evening – Dobra večer
Good night – Laku noo
Goodbye – Zbogom, Doviđenja
All the best – Sretna

How to ask and apologize in Croatian?

Sorry – Oprostite! Ispričavam se! Žao me eating.
Please – Molim
Please (when we serve something) – Izvoli
Thank you – Hvala. Hvala lijepa
Reply to “thank you” You’re welcome – Nema na čemu

Basic Croatian dialogues

We have also prepared some extensive phrases for you to help you communicate with the local Croatian community. Try to learn a few of them and you will surely surprise the Croatians!

How are you – Kako ste? (formally)
How are you – Kako si? (informally)
I’m fine, thank you – Good, hvala
What time is it – Koliko je sati?
What’s your name – Kako se zoveš? (informally)
What is your name – Kako se zovete? (formally)
My name is – Zovem se …
Nice to me – Drago eats me
Where are you from – Odakle si? (informally)
Where are you from – Odakle ste? (formally)
I am from … – I myself and with …
As you say … in Croatian – Kako se kaže ….. na hrvatskom?
How much does it cost – Koliko eats it? Koliko ovo košta?
Where is the toilet – Gdje je zahod?
Would you like to dance with me – Bi li htio plesati sa mnom?
Would you like to dance with me – Bi li htjela plesati sa mnom
Cheers – Živjeli! Uzdravlje!
Bon appetit – Dobar tek!
Happy journey – Sretan put!

Croatian phrasebook in a shop and restaurant

You will definitely have the opportunity to try local products at small markets or to admire Croatian cuisine in restaurants. Below we have compiled the basic phrases that may be useful to you in these places.

I would like a kilo / half a kilo – Molim kilo / fields kilo
How much do I pay? – Koliko am fucking?
Can I have the menu, please? – Mogu li pogledati jelovnik?
I am a vegetarian – I am myself vegetarijanac
Without sugar – Without šećera
Dry / sweet – Suho / sweet
Red / white wine – Vino crno / bijelo
Takeaway – Odnijeti
Invoice – Račun
Can I pay by credit card – Može li se platiti kreditnom karticom?
I liked it – Bilo is eating too much

Other useful phrases

Fire – Požar!
Leave me alone – Pustite me na miru!
To help – U help!
Stop – Stop!
Store – Dućan
Exchange office – Mjenjačnica
Pharmacy – Ljekarna
We are sure that the above Croatian dictionary and phrasebook will help you during your travels in Croatia. Knowing at least a few of them will make you feel more comfortable communicating with local people!

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