Water games and attacks

Renting a yacht will allow you to visit beautiful places and it will certainly be a great adventure. Boats are equipped with various types of amenities, thanks to which rest is fully comfortable and there is no question of boredom. On many yachts, passengers have at their disposal, among other things, water games. This is what we will focus on today. We encourage you to read!

The most popular types of water fun and attractions during charter cruises

Water sports and various types of craziness in the water are a great way to relax. Here, the water toys mentioned above will be irreplaceable.

1. SeaBob

SeaBob is an increasingly popular water toy for swimming and diving. The maximum speed achieved by the equipment is up to 15 km / h on the water surface, up to 11 km / h underwater, while the depth is around 3 meters (it is adjustable).

SeaBob control is extremely simple and intuitive. Just grab the handrails on both sides of the display, fire up the toy, and then go on a unique underwater journey. In the event of a change of direction, it is enough to shift your body weight from one side to the other. Very sensitive equipment reads every move without any problems.

An additional advantage of SeaBob is the ability to control the status of the battery, water temperature and the current depth.

2. Jet Ski

The most popular way to enjoy summer fun is Jet Ski. The motorboat can be used for sports on the water as well as for recreational purposes. The models available on the market have been equipped with many additional functions that make activity easier and more enjoyable.

Jet Ski is a fast, small and manoeuvrable vehicle for navigating through the water. The equipment is not only easy to use, but also to maneuver, making it a great entertainment experience.

3. Water Skis

Although water skiing is classified as a relatively young discipline, it enjoys considerable interest among enthusiasts of marine activities. Active recreation consists of two skis on the water surface behind a motorboat or a special ski lift.

Water Skis is fun and joy of moving through the water at high speed. It is enough to have good coordination and balance your body well.

4. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is one of the most exciting sports that allows you to reach dizzying speeds when moving on the surface of the water. What is a wakeboard? It is a special, hard, wide and long board, thanks to which you can move on the surface, performing certain acrobatics at the same time. While sailing, it is enough to hold on to the rope pulled by the boat.

Wakeboarding provides minimal friction, thanks to which it glides smoothly on the water, it is also distinguished by stability, thanks to which it is very easy to keep balance on it.

5. A couch and a mattress to be pulled behind a motorboat

Sofas, mattresses or pontoons for towing a motorboat are great fun and unforgettable moments that will remain in the memory of not only the youngest for a long time. The toys are safe, durable and comfortable. There are many patterns on the market that differ in interesting design and colors.

6. Stand Up Paddle

Stand Up Paddle is a completely new form of water activity which consists in moving on the surface of the water on a special board powered by a paddle, thanks to which you can move in the direction of your choice. SUP is a great alternative to windsurfing because it is independent of the prevailing weather conditions.

Stand Up Paddle is a fun and easy sport. It is also an excellent muscle training.


SeaBob, Jet Ski, Water Skis, Wakeboard, Stand Up Paddle and various types of sofas and mattresses to be pulled by a motorboat are a guarantee of spending special moments with friends and family, and at the same time having fun. Water madness will make us forget about the gray reality and recharge ourselves with positive energy.

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