Croatian cuisine – Best dishes | Guide

Croatia is associated primarily with sunny weather, numerous monuments and stunning landscapes. But it is not everything! A journey through Croatia is also a journey through the land of unique culinary tastes. Discover them with us!

Traditional Croatian cuisine

The main reason why many people simply cannot resist Croatian cuisine is the variety. It shows the influence of other Mediterranean European countries. There are also some oriental accents derived from Turkish cuisine. Thanks to this, there is no place for boredom in Croatian cuisine! Besides, diversity also means a wide choice of dishes depending on the region of Croatia to which we travel.

Some dishes are only found in specific regions of the country . That’s why we rightly said at the beginning of the article that Croatian cuisine is a journey through the land of culinary tastes! It certainly does not lack spices, and hence tempting aromas. Croatian cuisine is Mediterranean. It is based on fresh ingredients such as seafood, fish, cheese and olives!

Where to eat in Croatia?

Before we present some Croatian dishes, it should be mentioned that Croatia is famous for its rich culinary traditions . Celebrating a meal is normal here. You can certainly feel this atmosphere in Konoba, the local tavern. You will surely notice here that eating meals goes hand in hand with meeting friends and many hours of talking.

That is why we especially recommend konoba to tourists! Of course, there are also restaurants in Croatia. The price range is very wide. Some of the restaurants are worth visiting additionally because of their location in an extraordinary scenery, e.g. by the sea. It is undoubtedly a feast for all senses. We also warn you that choosing a restaurant or a restaurant in Croatia is not easy!

Croatian cuisine – what is worth trying?

The correct and not at all exaggerated answer would be – everything!

You can write and taste Croatian cuisine endlessly. That is why we selected our culinary favorites.

1. Štrukli


Curd wrap dough that can be baked or boiled . Štrukli can be served both as an appetizer or an addition to soups, but also as a main course. We put the dish at the very beginning for a reason. This Croatian specialty has been entered in the Register of Intangible Heritage of the Republic of Croatia!

2. Crni rizot

Crni rizot

Black risotto is a real delicacy for seafood lovers . It owes its color to ink squid. The local color of the dish is emphasized by the presence of fresh and aromatic seafood. The dish, although it seems simple to prepare, is made according to a strictly defined recipe.

3. Brudet (bujet / brodet)

Brudet (brujet/brodet)

This is another Croatian specialty, especially popular in Dalmatia . It consists of various types of fish prepared in a sauce. Additionally, this aromatic dish can also be enriched with seafood. An interesting fact is that there is a second type of it, called the fake one, in which, instead of seafood, vegetables are added and … a stone that comes straight from the sea.

4. Kotlovina


A culinary delicacy very eagerly served in Zagreb . A meat dish prepared in a metal dish placed over a fire. It can be made with different types of meat. Its taste is additionally enriched by vegetables.

While tasting local dishes, you cannot forget about local wines. There are many wines to choose from in Croatia. The traditional high-proof alcohol in Croatia is Rakija. Fruit varieties are very popular, for example: pears (vilijamkova), wild cherries (maraschino) and herbs and grapes (ravarica).

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