The most interesting wild beaches in Croatia

When thinking about Croatian beaches, many people imagine azure water, vast beaches and… crowds of tourists. However, this is not the only face of the beaches in this beautiful country. Discover with us the less known, but surprisingly beautiful, wild beaches of Croatia. Here are the TOP 3 according to Heads Yachting!

Our TOP 3 of the best wild beaches in Croatia

Check out our list and discover amazing beaches!

1. Wild beach – Zaraće near Hvar

The island of Hvar is enchanting and associated with the aromatic scent of lavender. This is due to the fact that a large part of this island is covered with fields of this plant. The island itself is also charming corners, including 2 less known beaches: the western Velo Zaraće and the eastern Malo Zaraće. They are small but picturesque coves with pebble beaches. Both bays close the cliffs, so the sea is very calm here, which only facilitates rest and allows for blissful relaxation.

The amazing shade of the Adriatic Sea is also noteworthy. The numerous shades of blue and green are a picturesque work of nature. This inconspicuous place has also prepared intimate attractions for visitors. These are small restaurants where you can enjoy the taste of fresh seafood. For lovers of water sports, it will be a satisfying idea to admire the underwater scenery while diving!

2. Wild beaches of the Pag Bay

Lovers of sandy and rocky beaches on the island of Pag will be delighted!

It is this one that boasts the longest coastline, amounting to as much as 27 kilometers. This means a lot of choice and variety. Here you will find larger beaches ideal for families with children offering numerous attractions, but also intimate beaches resembling deserted islands. These will be perfect if you are a loner or dream about a romantic date. A perfect example of a wild beach is e.g. Lizard’s located near the town of Novalja.

It is distinguished by an interesting and picturesque location between the hills. It is such an interesting view that it is also a perfect place for a photo session. Another advantage of this beach, appreciated by swimmers, is the exceptionally warm water. However, if you miss the company or want to taste traditional Croatian cuisine, then you are just a few kilometers from other beaches!

3. Palud Wild Beach

It undeniably ranks high in the various rankings of Croatia’s best deserted beaches. Reason? Perfect peace and quiet. The wild pebble beach of Palud is an opportunity for an undisturbed encounter with nature. It is also worth emphasizing its location in the Palud ornithological reserve. The beach is shaded in some places, which creates an opportunity to relax.

A stay on Palud Island will surely turn out to be a dream come true for those looking for privacy and silence. Its natural complement will be the chirping of cicadas …

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