Pros of crewed yacht charter – Yacht Crew | Guide

Yachting is not only a great way to pursue your passion or spend your free time. Even the most luxurious yacht can become more attractive thanks to the right crew. In this article we will try to convince you to do so!

Yacht crew, or who?

Yacht Crew who it is

Yacht crew is a team of people who perform different functions and have different skills. These can be, among others: captain, flight attendant, chef or cleaning staff. It’s up to you how many and what crew members you choose. However, you must remember that the team will accompany you throughout the cruise. Larger yachts also mean greater possibilities. You can easily charter mega yachts with a large crew of up to 20 people.

The large area means that there are separate places for the crew. Smaller yachts do not offer such a possibility anymore. This is associated with some discomfort. It can be large if you are planning a romantic cruise for two or you value intimacy. Therefore, in the case of small yachts, only a hostess or helmsman will be a good choice.

Independent yacht charter or with a permanent crew?

Independent yacht charter

Bareboat , i.e. an independent yacht charter, is an option for the chosen ones. Certainly also for those who do not want other people on board.
If you have the necessary qualifications to control the yacht, no problem. You can be independent and fully independent. However, many people with a valid license, even despite their skills, decide to rent a skipper for 1 or 2 days.

All this to get to know the yacht and all technical issues related to it better. Hiring a skipper is a safe way for many customers to improve their yacht driving skills.

However, if you do not have the qualifications or you just want the crew on board, you have a free hand in this matter. You set the number of crew members and priorities. Analyze them and estimate your budget. Then the finished solution will come faster.

Yacht crew – comfort and a perfect way to relax

Yacht crew

Hiring a crew is a luxurious solution that will allow you to fully rest! With a specialized and professional team, you won’t have to worry about anything. The yacht crew’s task is not only to ensure safety, but also to make our time more enjoyable. Available throughout the journey, you will feel like you are in an exclusive hotel. The crew also offers many possibilities. You can decide how many members it should consist of and who exactly will flow. It saves time and a way to complete a luxurious holiday.

Of course, the crew yachting option is associated with higher costs. However, those who have tried it say that it is worth all the money. We are eager to meet your expectations. To do this, fill in the form today!

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