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How does a motor yacht charter with a crew look like? Get to know the duties of the crew on the yacht!

The duties of each crew member are so diverse that we decided to present them in a separate blog post. If comfort’s important to you, the crewed yachting option will let you enjoy your cruise even more! With us, you'll discover the responsibilities of the 3 crew members: stewardess, captain and deckhand.

Stewardess's duties
Not everyone setting sail with a yacht crew is familiar with the stewardess’s duties. To begin with, it should be stressed that the stewardess's responsibilities are highly dependent on which crew members she's travelling with. Much also depends on the individual demands and needs of the client. In most cases, the stewardess travels together with the captain. Then she helps him during the manoeuvres. Hiring only a stewardess on board is of course possible, and it's in fact quite a popular option but on smallest boats. Below, we've listed some of the most #FrequentlyAskedQuestions by our customers, along with the answers.

Does the stewardess prepare the meals?
Yes, if there's no chef on board. Then, one of the stewardess's duties is to prepare and serve simple meals. These are usually breakfast, lunch, but also drinks and snacks during the day.

Can I commission a stewardess to do the grocery shopping?
Yes, this is also one of the stewardess's responsibilities.  

What are the other duties of a stewardess?
Stewardess's duties are varied, yet the main task is to take care of the yacht's cleanliness. However, remember that you're responsible for providing the cleaning supplies. The stewardess will also advise you on places to see in the marina, restaurants to go, give you useful tips and share some interesting facts with you. The stewardess can also play the role of guide and translator. Normally, the hostess has free evenings and she can then enjoy time to herself. However, on request, the stewardess can prepare and serve dinner.

Who's a captain and what are his tasks?
While writing about who the captain is, it's vital to first emphasise his important function on a yacht. He's not only responsible for the cruise, but also the passengers' safety and security. Travelling with a captain certainly makes yachting a lot easier, especially during the season. Hiring a captain also saves you time. It's then up to the captain to think about where to moor the boat for the night and how to tie it up. He also monitors the weather forecast and can give you some useful advice and information.

The captain's duties also include:

  • boat maintenance
  • minor repairs during navigation
  • handling formalities in the marina
  • sometimes deck cleaning and other work

If you hire a captain, you must remember to provide him with food and accommodation.

Deckhand – what does he do?
The deckhand is another crew member who shoulders a huge amount of responsibilities. His primary duties include loading and unloading luggage or goods, moving heavy objects and maintaining the equipment, as well as assisting in emergencies. For this reason, the deckhand must demonstrate knowledge of ropes, knots, navigation and radio equipment. The deckhand also takes care of cleanliness on board and prepares cabins for the passengers and crew members. He may also assist the hostess in preparing and serving meals for the guests.


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