The best smartphone applications for sailors | Guide

Did you know that you can use your smartphone on board the yacht in a useful way? For this purpose, specialized applications for sailors have been developed that will facilitate and diversify your yacht adventure. Introducing 5 must-have apps for sailors .

You must have these 5 apps for your Android / iOS phone

1. Seabook


Our list opens with an irreplaceable application for beginner sailors .

It allows you to easily and quickly acquire comprehensive knowledge about sailing. From now on, the nodes and signaling flags will keep no secrets from you. You will also find basic information on marine navigation and meteorology. Application users appreciate the intuitive interface and regular updating of information. The application is also available on board the yacht in offline mode. Download here .

2. Dockwa


This is one of the best apps of 2020 . It undoubtedly deserves this title for its usefulness. It is this aspect that users most often pay attention to. Thanks to it, you can book berths directly from your phone. Dockwa already has a large base of marinas and yacht clubs. Nevertheless, new locations appear in the application every day.

The application is free for sailors. Thanks to it you will find the most advantageous offer for you. Even if you decide to do it at the last minute! All information in one place allows you to quickly and easily compare services and prices. Download here .

3. Lifts (Windyty)

Windy (Windyty)

Bad weather can ruin even the most beautiful yacht adventure . Therefore, it is better to follow weather changes on an ongoing basis and not get unpleasantly surprised. The main features that the application offers are wind report and alarm. After setting the wind alarm, you will receive notifications about impending storms and tornadoes on a regular basis.

An additional convenience is the weather archive, which is a collection of information about the temperature, atmospheric pressure and precipitation that have occurred in recent years. This will certainly help you plan the time of your next trip. The application also allows you to define wave forecasts and the possibility of free access to sea maps. In addition, you can see with your own eyes what is happening in a given location. It is also possible to combine several screens.

In short, we recommend Windy due to its universal nature, which makes it useful for everyone! Download here .

4. Nebo


This is a very unusual proposition among the applications presented by us . Nebo allows you to log your journey. Reason for success? Simplicity! Thanks to this application, you will forget about tedious search for the perfect shot, because the application will do it for you. Additionally, there is an option to share the movie with family and friends so they can enjoy the journey with you! With this app, you can share your status update with your friends without any hassle. Information such as speed, track and weather observations are automatically displayed after the cruise has started. Download here .

5. Navionics


This is the most popular navigation app . Right after its installation, we need to download a map of the area of interest. Navionics offers numerous functions such as:

  • search engine for marinas, restaurants and marinas
  • information about currents and tides
  • record of the traveled route
  • weather details

The application allows not only to track existing routes, but also to add new ones. The only downside to the app is that it is paid. Before making a purchase decision, however, you have the option to test it for 2 weeks as part of a free trial period. Download here .

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