Timeless yacht- impressions after the presentation of the yacht in Mirabella

Our impressions of the visit to Marbella and presentation of the Timeless yacht

Our November trip to Marbella was enough inspiration for us to create this post . By the way, we want to tell you more about the Timeless yacht, which joined our fleet a few weeks ago. At the outset, however, we encourage you to travel to Marbella. We admit that this Spanish city is amazing and it immediately captivated us.

Many people say that Marbella is the most luxurious place in the world! For this reason, Hollywood stars love this city. An equally beloved place (especially by yachting enthusiasts) is the luxurious port of Puerto Banús. It is here that the most expensive yachts in the world moor. We can confidently call a visit to Marbella the best trip of the Heads Yachting team.

The possibility of admiring the beautiful sunrises every day effectively motivated us to get up early. This place is so charming that you can forget about any problems there.

Why did Timeless join our fleet?

The Timeless motor yacht is unique in many ways. First of all, its design is created on a special individual order. This means that the yacht is personalized, and the owner himself supervises the process of its creation. The first Timeless yacht was built in 2018 in Gdańsk. The yacht immediately attracts attention with its majestic appearance.

Timeless yacht – great technical parameters

Timeless yacht - great technical parameters

It is worth mentioning the good technical parameters that allow it to achieve high speeds. The maximum value can be as high as 12 knots, or about 22 kilometers per hour. The Timeless yacht has an aluminum hull that allows you to steer the yacht even in difficult sea conditions. However, the list of practical and interesting solutions does not end there.

Timeless also has solar panels. Thanks to this, it uses solar energy, which allows to reduce the consumption of electricity produced from generators. Despite the fact that the external appearance of the yacht is already impressive, the luxurious interior of the yacht is also delightful. The latest trends in design and design rule here. All spaces of the yacht are air-conditioned and heated.

Timeless yacht – VIP cabin

Timeless yacht - VIP cabin

There is a VIP cabin on the lowest deck. On the open deck, guests can enjoy the sun while relaxing on comfortable sofas and sun loungers. On board you will also find many amenities such as: barbecue, bar and a locked kitchen. Thanks to this solution, we will be able to prepare meals for guests in a designated place.

Timeless yacht – Water fun for you

Timeless yacht - Water fun for you

The Timeless yacht could not miss many water toys such as: water skis, diving sets, tubes, jet ski and Seabob. The Timeless yacht has it all, so we are convinced that it will meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. We invite you on board the Timeless yacht!

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