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Yacht equipment


Yachting cruises are an unforgettable adventure. Beautiful landscapes, the sound of the ocean, the opportunity to visit unique corners of the world are just the beginning of a long list of attractions. We must also mention the yacht itself. Both big, luxury yachts and those of smaller size are equipped with various things to make the cruise quite comfortable. Today, we will focus specifically on yacht equipment. What should we know about it? Have a nice read! 

Yacht equipment - what does it include? 

As we have already mentioned, there are many types of amenities on yachts. They range from practical equipment such as a desalination machine to attractions that help you regenerate and reduce stress.

Flybridge grill - who doesn't love a barbecue dish? As soon as it gets warmer outside, many people start barbecuing hard. We have good news for lovers of this form of spending time. Many yachts have a flybridge grill on board. It allows you to quickly prepare a tasty meal during your cruise. Vegetables, fish, grilled meat dishes, the sound of the waves, the fresh air and the sunshine will make you forget the grey reality. 

Water maker - A desalinator is a device which, by means of reverse osmosis, makes it possible to obtain drinking water from salty seawater. This ensures that there is no shortage of drinking water on board. 

IPS with joystick - makes steering the boat easier on the open sea, but is especially helpful when docking in a tight marina.

Electronic equipment - the equipment of a yacht kitchen often does not differ from that of a home kitchen, passengers have a fridge, a coffee machine, a cooker or functional furniture at their disposal. 

Our boats - equipment and amenities 

What kind of equipment and amenities do our boats have in store? Here is some information on this. 

SessaFly 42 Jupika II

Motor boat available without crew. The yacht has two cabins, two toilets and a living room with a double sofa bed. Passenger amenities include a hydraulic swim platform, bimini, generator. Other amenities include air conditioning, which will be indispensable on hot days, an ice cube maker, which will certainly come in handy when preparing drinks and cocktails, and a flybridge grill, thanks to which you can efficiently prepare various types of delicacies. 

Explorer 62 Blue Moon

Explorer 62 Blue Moon is a beautiful motor yacht available only with a captain. With 3 double cabins, 1 single cabin and 3 toilets, this is the perfect model for a family of seven or a group of friends. The yacht is equipped with a gyro stabiliser, desalinator, ice cube maker. The Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) and the electrically lockable flybridge hardtop are also great conveniences.

Ferretti 450 Fly "Lady Esmeralda"

This boat will be ideal for a group of 6 or 8 people. It features 3 double cabins, 2 toilets and a living room with a fold-out bed. Main amenities include a hydraulic swim platform, bimini, flybridge grill, generator and air conditioning.

Galeon 680 Fly "Paradise" 

Model available for charters from July 2022. The yacht has 4 double cabins and one separate crew cabin. Passengers can use an ice cube maker and a grill. The boat is also equipped with a generator and air conditioning. 

 Sessa Fly 47 "Stardust"

This boat comes with three double cabins, two toilets and a living room. The boat is rented without crew. Yacht equipment includes a hydraulic swim platform, bimini, generator and air conditioning. The flybridge grill is also of great help, allowing you to prepare delicious meals. Another important piece of equipment is the desalinator.  


Before choosing a boat, it is worth considering which solutions suit you best and which yacht equipment you particularly want. This will ensure that you are fully satisfied with the charter.


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