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Recommended diving sites in Croatia

Croatia is a real paradise for fans of diving. This sport is not only an exciting way to spend your free time during your stay in the marina, but it will also provide you with amazing experiences. Thanks to it you’ll get to know the underwater world of Croatia and discover its unusual fauna and flora! We reveal to you the best dive sites in Croatia!

Why diving in Croatia?
We strongly recommend diving in Croatia, because the transparency of the Adriatic Sea creates perfect conditions for diving. This means that in some cases you can descend to a depth of 40 meters! Another advantage and reason to try diving in Croatia is the opportunity to admire the picturesque underwater world, where you’ll find caves, unusual shells and a wealth of fauna and flora! Diving is also an activity that provides adrenaline. You will certainly not be bored, and thanks to this you’ll experience new and unforgettable experiences!

Where is the best place to dive in Croatia?
We recommend several places for diving in Croatia. The choice was very difficult because Croatia is a country full of beauty and diversity. However, we decided to choose 3 of them.

  • Vis Island
    It’s a very famous and characteristic island located in southern Dalmatia. In the beginning, we’d also like to emphasize that it’s an excellent place for all divers. Regardless of your level of advancement, you can easily find the perfect place for you. At a depth of between 10 - 35 m there is the wreck of the ship Teti, while deeper, about 25-41 m, there is the wreck of the ship Vasilios. An additional historical attraction is the place with amphoras, located at a depth of 9-25 m near the western entrance to the Vis Bay. Noteworthy are also the underwater walls and reefs surrounding the island of Vis. If you are a fan of caves, you can count on their diversity. You’ll find here, for example, Big Cave and two caves that delight most tourists - Blue Cave Biszevo and Green Cave.
  • Fraškerić
    This island is located near Bagnol. It’s possible to start diving here already at a depth of 4 m, and the diving trip leads through 4 caves. It’s an idea for a varied trip full of different species of sea animals and plants. Fraškerić is also highly recommended to all photography enthusiasts!
  • Galebove stijene
    Istria is a peninsula that has many beautiful places. One of them is the Galebove stijene beach, which is a popular place for swimming and diving. We recommend it to beginners because its maximum depth is only 10 - 12 m. The diving trip takes about an hour and leads through a 20-metre tunnel ending in a cave.

When is the best time to dive in Croatia?
The best time to dive in Croatia is between June and October. In summer, the average water temperature here is about 7 °C to 24 °C, but it actually depends on the region of the country. The highest water temperature is reached during the typical holiday months - July and August. We hope that we’ve encouraged you to dive in the coming season. However, if you’re still not convinced of this form of activity, we encourage you to discover other water sports with Heads Yachting!


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