Yacht or motor catamaran? Check what makes them different and what determines your choice

Często słyszymy od Was pytanie: co powinniśmy wybrać – jacht czy katamaran motorowy? Nasza odpowiedź nigdy nie jest i nie może być taka sama, ponieważ innej jednostki potrzebuje grono znajomych, które zabierze ze sobą na pokład małe dzieci, a innej grupa zapalonych w boju miłośników wodnych wypraw.

When making a choice, you should take into consideration several key factors: the number of people, their experience, whether they have appropriate qualifications, the purpose of the trip, and preferred activities during the trip (only recreation on board or also, for example, diving). The type of water body and the expected weather conditions, as well as the financial capabilities of the renters, are also equally important. When analyzing these issues, you must, of course, also understand what the difference is between a yacht and a motor catamaran.

Yacht and motor catamaran. What are the differences?

These are two types of vessels, most often luxurious ones, which are used both in inland waters and at sea. They can range in size from small recreational craft to huge motorboats. Both yachts and motor catamarans are popular in recreational sailing and water sports. Sometimes they are used for rescue operations, patrolling the coast or monitoring water areas, and they are used as passenger units to transport tourists – on recreational and excursion routes or as part of transport to islands. Therefore, both yachts and motor catamarans are versatile vessels that fulfill a variety of functions. What separates them is the design of their hulls, which gives rise to the remaining differences.


Yachts: single- or multi-hull, although most have a traditional, single-hull

Catamarans: two parallel platforms, called floats, connected by a beam


Yachts: is of course provided, but they are more susceptible to rocking

Catamarans: two floats connected by a beam make them less susceptible to tilting, which is especially important in changing weather conditions


Yachts: are maneuverable and fast, but speed may be limited compared to catamarans due to the single hull, which provides greater resistance on the water

Catamarans: often faster than traditional yachts – due to lower water resistance and the aerodynamic design of two floats


Yachts: approximately 1.5 m

Catamarans: about 1 m, which allows you to sail much closer to the bay or beach, including shallower waters


Yachts: one hull influences the layout; the living room and living area are below deck

Catamarans: thanks to two hulls, they have greater potential to provide space on board, including outside; the living room is on the same level as the cockpit, which allows you to admire the views at all times.

Renting a yacht or motor catamaran will allow you to discover various sea areas, from beautiful bays and lagoons to remote islands. It’s a great way to explore new places and enjoy a variety of landscapes. However, for the trip to be successful, you must first plan it well and analyze which type of unit will be better for you. Please contact us!

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