Croatia. Yacht charter or hotel rental? Choose well

Croatia has been a popular holiday destination for hundreds of thousands of people for many years. This is not surprising, because this small country is a great place both for those looking for relaxation on the beach and for those who want to spend their holidays moving from place to place to admire nature or monuments. Before we go to Croatia, it is worth answering the question how we intend to spend our time there. This will allow us to determine which solution will be more beneficial from the point of view of our needs – renting a hotel or a yacht. Below we present some advantages of each of these options.

Renting a yacht in Croatia – advantages

Independence: control of the travel route, time spent in particular places; you decide what you do and at what time of the day; you don’t have to adapt to the hotel’s opening hours

No time spent in the car: you can reach many places on the coast without having to spend hours on the road

A unique experience: from the deck of the yacht you can admire the beautiful landscapes of Croatia from a completely different perspective

No crowds: this is especially important when we spend most of the year in crowded cities

Privacy: you can enjoy time spent with family or friends without worrying that other people will disturb you

Access to hidden places: you can reach hidden coves that are not accessible to larger cruise ships and sometimes even to “land” tourists

Closeness to nature: you are almost constantly in contact with the sea and nature, which is relaxing and relaxing

Water attractions: traveling by yacht is a great opportunity to practice water sports

Hotel rental – advantages

Amenities: access to places such as swimming pools, gyms, spa and laundry

Easy access to information: hotel staff are available to us 24 hours a day

Various accommodation options: you can rent, for example, a single room just for yourself

Quick access to attractions on land: hotels are most often located in the centers of cities or towns.

To sum up, if you prefer a traditional holiday on land, a hotel will certainly be a better choice. However, if you like sea adventures, active recreation on the water and trips to unknown places, decide to rent a yacht in Croatia. The holiday is supposed to help us regenerate and gain strength for the coming months, so it is very important to make the right choice. Of course, the financial resources at our disposal are always crucial, but it is worth remembering that, contrary to stereotypes, chartering a motor boat in Croatia doesn’t have to be more expensive option than choosing a hotel. Why? Because hotels and yachts have different classes, their rental prices also are very different. Moreover, the cost of a yacht charter in Croatia can be divided among all vacationers.

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