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Water fun for active people | Water sports proposals

Active entertainment for water enthusiasts

Apart from unforgettable moments on the yacht, you can also spend your free time actively in the marinas. Water sports are an excellent idea. Below we present the most interesting water sports which will provide you with an unforgettable experience!

Otherwise, known as a stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is a very popular and pleasant sport. It's all about maintaining a standing position on the board. To move, only the paddle is used. Its length can be adjusted to the height. The whole difficulty is to maintain body balance and the proper work of the legs. The special SUP board is quite wide, so it allows you to keep balance easily. Besides, it is excellent whole-body training. SUP involves all muscle parts. Paddleboarding is for everyone! There are no limits here.

It is an alternative to the Paddleboard, only for the more lazy ones. The electric version of the SUP board allows you to effortlessly enjoy the water and overcome even the wind and stronger currents.

It is a sport for people keen on speed and adrenaline. It involves towing a board behind a motorboat. Kneeboarding is especially recommended for beginners. It allows you to easily feel the movement in the water, and its proximity only enhances the experience.

This water sport will fulfil your dream of freedom. The Seabob resembles a vehicle that moves not only on the surface of the water but also under it. It can go up to 20 km/h. The Seabob is also ideal for diving up to 40 meters deep.

This is yet another extreme sport among water sports. The stream of water is a drive that will allow you to rise even a few metres. Flyboard will fulfil your dream of flying above water!

An excellent way to have fun with family or friends. Allows you to ride on a dinghy pulled on a motorboat. Unforgettable experience guaranteed, and all this in the company of your loved ones!

Waterskiing is a proposition of water entertainment for everyone. In this case, keeping the balance is much easier than on the board. Secondly, this sport is so easy to learn!


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