Hiring a hostess for yacht charter, how does it work?

Motor yacht cruising in Croatia is an increasingly popular holiday activity. Not surprisingly, a water adventure with your immediate family or a group of friends is an opportunity to spend time together, strengthen bonds and have fun. Sailing the Adriatic Sea on a luxury yacht offers an unforgettable adventure with breath-taking scenery, atmospheric Croatian cities, clean air and beautiful beaches.

When deciding on yacht rental with Heads Yachting, we advise you to choose a yacht with a permanent crew. Travelling with a skipper increases the safety of sailing. They are in charge of the cruise, take care of anchoring the motor boat in the marina and monitor weather conditions. Those who value comfort can also opt to hire a hostess. What are the responsibilities of a hostess on the yacht?

What does a hostess do on the yacht?

When hiring a crewed yacht, passengers can benefit from the services of a hostess. Not many people realise that her responsibilities will vary slightly depending on the size of the motor yacht, the number of travellers on board and the other crew members.

One of the primary responsibilities of the hostess is to maintain order on the yacht during the cruise. She is the one who prepares the bedrooms for the guests, makes the beds, cleans the bathrooms and performs other cleaning tasks. If necessary, she also takes care of shopping so that travellers have access to specific foodstuffs, toiletries or other items needed while sailing in Croatia.

Hostess ensures the comfort and convenience of passengers on a luxury motor yacht. She prepares drinks and cocktails while guests are relaxing onboard the yacht. She also makes sure the drinks are cold. In addition, she helps organise recreational activities, advises on the best venues and places to see once moored at a particular marina. If necessary, the hostess can also act as an interpreter or guide.

It is worth adding that the hostess’ duties also include operating the water equipment and assisting the skipper in navigating and mooring the yacht (if there is no deckhand). If there is no chef onboard, the hostess is also in charge of preparing meals for the guests – breakfast, lunch, snacks. At the special request of travellers, she can also prepare and serve dinner.

Luxury motor yachts with a hostess – Heads Yachting

Heads Yachting offers exclusive, safe and comfortable crewed motor yachts such as:

  • The Explorer Fly 62 ‘Blue Moon’ is a modern motor boat with 3 double cabins, cabins for the skipper and the hostess, ideal for 6 people, available at Marina Kastela with crew.
  • Timeless Fly 78 is a yacht with 4 double cabins, 2 crew cabins and 5 toilets, ideal for 8 people. The safety of guests during the boat cruise on the Adriatic will be ensured by the skipper, deckhand and hostess.

The abovementioned luxury motor yachts are generously equipped, meet the highest sailing standards and the crew are extremely experienced, making sailing in Croatia comfortable and enjoyable.

Hiring a yacht with a hostess – summary

Chartering a yacht with a hostess is the perfect solution for those who want the utmost comfort while cruising the Adriatic Sea. The hostess not only maintains order and cleanliness onboard the boat, but also attends to the needs of travellers, advises on places to go in a particular port, prepares drinks, meals and, if necessary, takes care of grocery shopping for the guests.

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