Sailing routes in Croatia. Where is the best place to go by motor yacht?

The beautiful Adriatic coast, amazing islands, numerous harbors and marinas, monuments, national parks – all this and much more make Croatia one of the most popular destinations in Europe. To fully enjoy the Croatian views, it is best to decide for an active holiday. We have an amazing experience when choosing a yacht rental. This is a solution that more and more people are choosing, because visiting different places can be intertwined with rest on the water, we also adjust the travel schedule to our needs. So if you have already decided to charter a boat, it is worth checking what are the most popular sailing routes in Croatia. Below are some of our suggestions.

Rent a yacht and follow the route Split-Hvar-Korčula-Dubrovnik

This is one of the most popular routes that takes you through the most famous Croatian islands and cities. The trip starts in Split (there is an airport here), where, before getting on a rented yacht, you can see a lot of interesting sights, such as the remains of an aqueduct, churches from the 9th-15th centuries or the palace of Emperor Diocletian (3rd-4th century) with underground . The next point of the sea trip on a chartered boat is the island of Hvar, called the queen among the Dalmatian islands. It is a place rich in history and culture. There are lavender fields and ancient olive trees, and the locals are famous for their hospitality.

Korčula, i.e. renting a yacht combined with learning about the history of the famous traveler

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of Marco Polo? Currently, there is a dispute as to whether the famous traveler was born in Venice or perhaps in the Croatian town of Korčula, which is located on the island of the same name. Regardless of how it really was, the spirit of the famous traveler hovers over the town, and his alleged house is located in the Old Town, and there is a museum dedicated to Marco Polo. There are also other places on the island, such as Blato, Vela Luka, Lumbarda and Žrnovo. The island, called little Dubrovnik (although its inhabitants do not like this term), lives mainly from tourism, and other profitable branches include the cultivation of fig trees, vines and olives, and fishing.

Yacht charter, i.e. a cruise, can end in various places

The next destination of the cruise on this route is Dubrovnik, which is the most visited city by tourists in Croatia. It is famous for its monuments, cuisine and nightlife. A year ago, the Pelješac Bridge was opened. The new crossing connects the peninsula of the same name and Dubrovnik with mainland Croatia. The length of the Pelješac Bridge is 2.4 km, and at its highest point, the bridge plate is 55 m above the water level, which is intended to allow ships to pass to the port in the Bosnian city of Neum. Before the bridge was opened, tourists from Poland going to Dubrovnik had to drive through Neum. Thanks to the new investment, they can avoid Bosnia. Therefore, our cruise can also be started from Dubrovnik and that’s where you can decide to rent a boat). However, the final destination of our trip does not have to be Split, because from Dubrovnik we can also choose a cruise on the Dubrovnik-Mljet-Lastovo route.

Yacht charter and journey to the greenest island of the Adriatic

Mljet and Lastovo are charming islands. The main place of the first one is a national park with lakes and forests, and the reality on the second one is ideal for getting away from the city hustle and bustle. Mljet is considered the most beautiful and greenest island in the Adriatic. The area of the island is mainly upland, the highest peak is Veliki Grad (514 m above sea level).

Boat rental, or where else can we go?

Another popular sailing route is Zadar-Kornati-Šibenik. The Sea Organ is built into Zadar’s waterfront, producing tones as waves fill the tubular structure. Among the monuments are the Roman forum and the ruins of Roman buildings, as well as, for example, churches: pre-Romanesque St. Donatus from the 9th century and the Blessed Virgin Mary with a characteristic bell tower from 1105. Zadar is the economic and cultural center of northern Dalmatia. Next, our cruise leads through the Kornati archipelago, located south of Zadar.

Yacht charter and cruise among 140 islands

The Kornati archipelago consists of over 140 picturesque islands, famous for their crystal clear waters. Part of the archipelago is protected as part of the Kornati National Park (admission tickets are required). In the southern part of the island of Kornat, on a hill, there are the remains of the Turet Fortress from the 6th century. A cruise between the small islands of the archipelago provides an amazing experience. The islands abound in tiny beaches, and the most beautiful is considered to be Lojena on the island of Levrnaka. Next, we sail to Šibenik, a historic city on the central coast of Croatia with, among others, beautiful cathedral of st. Jacob. The town is located at the mouth of the Krka River to the Adriatic Sea. Of course, we can choose to cruise only around the islands of the Koranti archipelago with a rented boat.

Other proposed routes include.



Pula–Rijeka–Cres–Mali Lošinj

It is worth remembering that these are only some routes, selected subjectively, so if you have decided to rent a yacht, it is best to check the possible destinations yourself, which will allow you to meet your individual needs. Also, don’t forget to check the latest information on marinas, weather conditions and sailing regulations before starting your cruise.

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