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Motor yacht charters during the coronavirus


Warsaw, 16.04.2020 

I am sitting on a bench in the park at Vistulan Boulevards in Warsaw…I got away from this overwhelming self-isolation so I can go to the place where you can see a few dogs running and their owners watching over them. I am normally based in Warsaw and I am capable of working remotely. However, the plan was to be with clients and my Croatian crew in Split. Unfortunately, as you can imagine, that was only a plan…

I needed a fresh and open space so I could write my first post on this blog. The post was supposed to pertain to the overall amazing vacation on motor yachts. But I will tell you that it is really hard to write about dreams at this moment. They seem to be so far away and unrealistic in the reality of the current times. To be honest with you, I have no idea how to describe or introduce the business that has come to a halt like everything else during this pandemic. That is why, I decided that I will clearly state what is on my mind and share some conclusions with you.

Last year, when I felt highly motivated and came up with the idea of running a boat charter business, it did not even cross my mind that I would have to handle this project in such difficult times. It is actually hard to assess if it is challenging right now. It is just strange, different…I have mixed feelings but I keep pushing myself and work to the best of my ability, sometimes pretending that everything is the way it was before. It is easier in this way when you motivate yourself every day. However, the lack of responses to emails, phone calls, the marina closure or inability to provide service to charters (because not everyone is working) are sometimes driving me crazy. I assumed that everything would work out and my project would really succeed but situations like mine are so prevalent right now and I have no impact on it at all.

Motor yacht charter is a totally distinct branch of the tourism industry. That is why, comparing it to the tourist sector is pointless. It is hard to predict the needs of our valuable clients in such unusual times that we are experiencing right now. As a startup company, I cannot provide any explicit statistics or facts that would be an indicator of the future functionality of the charter market in Croatia after the pandemic. This would especially concern the rental of motor yachts. A lot of existing reservations were postponed until later date (starting mid July) or even the following year because of the closed borders. However, the interest in this way of spending free time has not waned among potential clients. Actually, this type of vacation abroad might be “the safest” option at this moment, away from the crowds, large groups of people etc.  Everything is adequately rejuvenated, cleaned and prepared for our clients. You know that you can definitely relax and forget about mundane problems while being on the motor yacht. And right now you need to feel joyful more than ever before. Undoubtedly, chartering motor yachts remains in question. Soon enough, our doubts about the business will be resolved. One thing I know for sure- no virus will ever kill my passion for motor yachts and my work. However, I keep my hopes up that soon the pandemic will peter out and we will be able to go back to normal. I will eventually return to my everyday contacts, taking care of different tasks and promotions and talking to clients. You, on the other hand, will be able to indulge yourself again at the sea, enjoying the sunshine, exploring new places and having fun in the water. You will go back to the moment of freedom when you speed up your yacht while the fresh sea breeze is caressing your face. We are all awaiting for this moment to happen. 

Take care!

Wish you lots of health and perseverance!



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