Motor yacht charters in the time of the coronavirus

I am sitting on a bench in a park in Warsaw, on the Vistula Boulevards … I am stationed in the capital on a daily basis, I am able to work remotely, but in the season the plan was that I would be in Split very often with my clients and my Croatian team. As you can guess, it was just a plan …

I needed a fresh, open space to write this first blog post. The entry was supposed to be about a great holiday on motor yachts in general. But I will tell you that it is difficult to write about dreams at this point, about something that seems so distant and so unreal from reality … Honestly, I do not even have an idea how to describe or present a business that, like everything else, just stopped. That is why I decided to write very honestly what is just “in my head” and share with you a few conclusions.

The idea of operating in the charter industry

When last year an idea was born and a great motivation to act independently in the charter industry, it never crossed my mind that I would have to face this project at such a time. It is even hard to judge at the moment whether it is difficult. It’s just weird, different … I have mixed thoughts, but I still try to do my job as best I can, at times pretending that everything is normal.

It’s easier with daily motivation. However, the lack of responses to e-mails, phone calls, closed marinas, and often the inability to service boats (because not everyone works) sometimes drives me crazy and irritated. After all, I assumed everything would go well, that my plan couldn’t fail. And now such situations are commonplace, and I have no influence on it.

Motor yacht charter in tourism

Motor yacht charter is a distinctly different branch of the tourism industry. Also, comparisons to the tourism sector are useless here. It is difficult to predict your behavior and your needs. Dear customers, in such an abnormal time. As a young company, I do not yet have strong statistics or facts that would indicate the future functioning of the charter market in Croatia after the pandemic. Especially those relating to motor yachts. Many bookings have been postponed to later dates (from mid-July) or to next year due to closed borders.

However, despite everything, there is still a lot of interest in this form of spending free time. All in all, I do not know if it is not the “safest” option for a holiday abroad at the moment. Away from crowds, numerous groups etc. Everything properly refreshed, cleaned and prepared in advance. On a motor yacht, you can relax and forget about mundane matters, you know for sure. And now you especially need this feeling of happiness.

What is the future of motor yacht charter?

Motor yachts will undoubtedly remain in question. The near future will slowly verify all our doubts. One thing I know for sure – my passion for motor yachts and this work will not be stopped by any virus.

However, I still hope and firmly believe that part of this pandemic will soon end and we will be able to slowly return to normal. Me for everyday contacts, running errands, promotions, conversations with clients. You, on the other hand, for wonderful moments at sea, sunbeams, discovering new places, water games. Until those moments when you feel freedom, when you speed up on the yacht and the sea breeze gushes out on you. We are all waiting for this and longing for these moments.

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