What weather to expect when charter a yacht in Croatia?

What weather conditions should I expect when charter a yacht in Croatia?

The first association with Croatia brings to mind sunny weather.

While it seems obvious in the season, the doubts and questions concern the low season. In this article you will find out what winter in Croatia looks like and whether it is the right time to charter a yacht.

Summer and winter in Croatia

Summer and winter in Croatia

The very juxtaposition of these seasons evokes completely contradictory associations. Summer in Croatia is warm. The highest temperatures occur
in July and August. This is when the temperature can reach up to 27 ° C. However, the favorite months of tourists are June and September. No wonder, because the temperature is then only a few degrees lower and there is rarely rainfall.

This creates ideal conditions for yachting. How is winter in Croatia? The answer to this question, unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, is not clear. This is due to the diversity of the terrain in this country. In winter, it is snowing in the Croatian capital, Zagreb, but when you go to the south of Dalmatia, you will find spring weather. Don’t be surprised if you see the sun as well. When writing about snow, however, we must mention that despite the winter, it is a rather rare phenomenon in Croatia.

Where is the best place to go to Croatia in winter?

Where is the best place to go to Croatia in winter?

The temperature in Croatia varies. This means that it will be different in different regions at the same time. The highest temperature, as high as 13 ° C, is in South Dalmatia. However, it is slightly lower in Central and North Dalmatia. It is coldest in the north of Croatia, as the temperature during the day is only 7 ° C and at night around 3 ° C.

However, it should be remembered that the perceived temperature may be lower. The reason is the risk of cold (Bura) and warm Adriatic wind (Jugo). Bura is a dangerous wind because it takes the form of a dust cloud. This reduces visibility and complicates shipping. Bura is also dangerous for another reason. It appears suddenly and often surprises sailors. Jugo, on the other hand, is a constant wind that lasts for about a week. It causes cloudiness and rain.

Why is yacht charter possible in winter?

Certainly, the region of Croatia, in which we want to charter a yacht, must be selected according to our preferences. The warmest place
for yacht charter there is definitely Dalmatia. Or at least the best for thermophilic people. However, the yachting enthusiast will not be stopped by any conditions! The boats are heated, which keeps the marina warm.

We have already described the most famous marinas in various regions of Croatia in another post on our blog (click here). We hope this post has convinced you to take advantage of winter yacht charter. This time of year is really mild in Croatia, so break the stereotypical thinking and dare to charter a yacht in winter!

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