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Most commonly used water toys during a charter


Renting a yacht will allow you to visit beautiful places and will certainly be a great adventure. The boats are equipped with all sorts of amenities to make recreation fully comfortable and there is no chance of boredom. On many yachts, passengers have various things at their disposal, including toys. The toys are what we will be focusing on today!  Have a nice read! 

Most commonly used water toys during a charter

Water sports and all sorts of crazy activities in the water are a great way to relax. In this case, water toys will prove indispensable. 

1. SeaBob

SeaBob is an increasingly popular water toy for swimming and diving. It can reach the maximum speed of 15 km/h on the water surface, up to 11 km/h underwater, while the depth is around 3 metres (it is adjustable).

Steering SeaBob is extremely simple and intuitive. Simply grab the handles on both sides of the display, activate the toy, and then go on a unique underwater journey. To change direction, simply shift your body weight from one side to the other. This highly sensitive device easily captures every movement.

With SeaBob, you can also keep track of the charge status, water temperature and the current depth.

2. Jet ski

The most popular way to enjoy the summer fun is a jet ski, also known as water scooter. This watercraft can be used for both water sports and recreational purposes. The models available on the market are equipped with many additional functions that make your rides easier and more enjoyable.

The jet ski is a fast, small and manoeuvrable watercraft for moving on the water. It is not only easy to use, but also easy to manoeuvre, which makes it a great form of entertainment.

3. Water Skis

Although water-skiing is classified as a relatively young sport, it is quite popular among lovers of sea activities. Active recreation is based on riding two skis on the surface of the water behind a motorboat or a special lift.

Water skis mean the fun and joy of moving through the water at high speed. You just need to have good coordination and good body balance.

4 Wakeboard

Wakeboarding is one of the most exciting sports that allows you to reach incredible speeds while moving on the surface of the water. What is a wakeboard? It is a special hard, wide and long board to move across the surface of the water, performing certain types of acrobatics. Simply hold on to the rope towed by the boat as you go.

With the wakeboard, friction is minimal, making it glide smoothly through the water. It is also very stable, so you can maintain balance on it effortlessly.

5. Sofa and mattress towed by a motorboat

Sofas, mattresses or pontoons towed by a motorboat are a great source of fun and unforgettable moments, which will be remembered for a long time – not only by the youngest ones. The toys are safe, durable and comfortable. The market offers a wide range of designs that differ in terms of patterns and colours.

6. Stand Up Paddle

Standup paddleboarding (SUP) is a brand-new form of water activity involving moving across the surface of the water on a special board with a paddle, allowing you to move in any direction you choose. SUP is a great alternative to windsurfing as weather conditions do not affect it.

Standup paddleboarding is an enjoyable and easy sport. It is also an excellent exercise for muscles.


SeaBob, jet skis, water skis, wakeboards, standup paddles and a variety of sofas and mattresses towed by a motorboat make sure that you will be spending great moments with your friends and family and having fun at the same time. Water fun will make you forget about harsh reality and recharge you with positive energy. 



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