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How to properly plan a cruise? Prt 2


Planning a yacht cruise is not the easiest task. However, once everything is prepared, all that remains is to sit back and wait for the day the holiday begins. 

So, how to plan everything? In the first part of our guide we discussed the choice of cruise dates, itinerary and of course - the yacht. Today we have more tips for you. Read on!


Planning a cruise - what else to keep in mind? 


  1. Crew


Before going on a cruise, it's worth discussing your expectations with other crew members. Some people prefer to spend their time cruising from morning to night, discovering the beauty of the sea. Others prefer sightseeing - experiencing foreign cuisine or admiring historical monuments. The perfect solution, then, is to come to a compromise.


  1. Anchorage


A mandatory step when planning a cruise is to familiarise yourself with the relevant infrastructure. Before going on a cruise, check out potential anchorages along the route where you will be able to moor safely.


  1. Activities


A yacht cruise also includes a variety of water activities such as scuba diving, Stand Up Paddle and SeaBob. The choice of destination should be based on the interests and expectations of the crew.


When planning a cruise with children, you should also think about activities that can be carried out outside the boat (playing on the beach, visiting the town, going out for ice cream), bearing in mind the need for a sufficient number of stops during the cruise. The daily time spent on the cruise must not be too long. Otherwise, the youngest crew members will be bored.


  1. Nautical miles you want to cover


The cruise can be relaxing - you can spend time resting, swimming and doing other activities. You can also opt to cover a slightly longer distance during the day. This way, you will experience an unforgettable adventure and see many wonderful places.



When embarking on a cruise, it's worth being aware that, for the duration of the trip, your yacht will become your home. So, choose a luxurious, fully equipped boat to suit your individual needs. When planning your itinerary, it's also important to decide on an attractive destination, set a suitable cruise date, familiarise yourself with the relevant infrastructure, and plan activities and entertainment to add variety to your trip.



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