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How to properly plan a cruise? Part 1


A holiday on a cruise means the sound of waves, arriving at ports located on picturesque coasts and visiting seaside towns. To make the cruise an unforgettable experience for all members of the crew, every detail of the expedition should be carefully planned, from the date of the cruise, to the specific model of yacht and the places you want to visit. What should you pay particular attention to? We have prepared some tips for you. 


Selecting a location

Before you go on a cruise, you should choose a destination and consider all possible options. A good starting point is to determine the places of interest, taking into account the prevailing weather conditions at a particular time. For this task, My Sea app, an interactive guide to Croatia and other countries such as Greece and Turkey, may prove helpful. Using the software you can efficiently book a parking space, find information on beaches, supermarkets, restaurants and tourist attractions. 


Cruise date

The cruise date is usually determined by the free time you have available. However, it is advisable not to set your cruise date during the high season. The huge number of tourists in seaside resorts and the increased interest in chartering yachts in mid-July and August (in the case of Croatia) means that harbours and towns are particularly crowded during this time. If you want more comfort, but also perfect weather, you can plan a cruise in late June or early July. By the way, don't forget to book your yacht in advance, as cruise holidays are very popular.


Choice of yacht

The choice of a yacht depends on several factors, first of all the nature of the cruise - you will choose a different boat if you are planning a trip with friends, and another if you are spending time with your family, including children. It is also important to consider the equipment of the boat, its size, the number of cabins and the amenities (grill on flybridge, ice-maker, water maker, water toys and others). It's also good to think carefully about whether renting a boat with or without a crew is a better option in your case. 

There is a large selection of yachts, and we know from experience that making a final decision can be quite difficult. We are here to help. 


For bareboat rentals, we particularly recommend the following models:

Sessa Fly 42 Jupika II

Sessa Fly 47 Stardust

Ferretti Fly 450 Lady Esmeralda


For larger yachts with crew, a good choice would be:

Explorer Fly 62 Blue Moon

Galeon Fly 680 Paradise

Azimut Fly 66 Karat II.


Deposit insurance 

Renting a yacht involves paying a deposit. However, it is worth knowing that you have the possibility of buying insurance for the deposit. This solution has many advantages. First of all, the costs of possible damage are covered by the insurer, and we get the whole amount back. This makes your holiday even more enjoyable. 

As you can see, before enjoying a unique holiday, you need to make some important decisions and plan your trip. It's a good idea to start planning well in advance and give yourself time to think carefully about every issue. This will save you stress and help you relax and get away from it all during your cruise. 

This is only the first part of our tips. We encourage you to read the second part of our guide.


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