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Why the crew? Pros of a crewed yacht charter | Guide

Yachting is not only a great way of fulfilling your passion or spending your free time. Even the most luxurious yacht can become more attractive with the right crew. In this article, we will try to convince you!

Who exactly is the yacht crew ?
The yacht's crew is a team of people who perform different functions and have different skills. These can be a captain, a stewardess, a chef or the cleaning staff. It is up to you, how many and which crew members you choose. However, you must remember that the team will accompany you throughout the whole cruise. Larger yachts mean greater possibilities. Mega yachts can be easily chartered with a crew as large as 20 people. Because of their large space, there are separate areas for the crew. When it comes to smaller yachts, this is no longer possible and may be associated with some kind of inconvenience. If you plan a romantic cruise for two or if you value intimacy, it can be quite a problem. That's why for small yachts a good choice is to hire only a hostess or a helmsman.

Chartering a yacht – bareboat or crewed ?
Bareboat, which is an independent yacht charter, is an option for the chosen ones. Certainly also for those who don't want other people on board. If you have the necessary authority to steer the yacht, then there's no problem. You can be independent and deal with everything on your own. However, many people holding a valid licence, even though they have the necessary skills, decide to hire a skipper for 1 or 2 days. The purpose of doing this is to get to know the yacht and all its technical issues better. For many customers, hiring a skipper is a safe way to improve their steering skills. However, if you are not qualified or simply want your crew on board, feel free to do so. It is you who determines the number of crew members and the priorities. Analyse them and estimate the budget. Then a ready-made solution will come faster.

Yacht crew - convenience and the perfect way to relax
Hiring a crew is a luxurious solution that will allow you to relax completely! With a specialized and professional team, you won't have to worry about anything. The yacht crew not only has the task of ensuring safety but also to make your time more enjoyable. Available throughout the entire journey, the crew will make you feel as if you were in an exclusive hotel. The crew also offers many possibilities. You can decide how many members you want to have on deck and who exactly will sail with you. It's a time-saving way to complete your luxurious holiday. The option of yachting with a crew involves, of course, higher costs. However, those who have tried it claim that it's worth all the money. We would be happy to hear about your expectations. For this purpose, please fill in the form today!


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