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The best smartphone applications for sailors | Guide

Were you aware that you can use your smartphone on the yacht's deck in a useful way? For this purpose, some specialized apps for yachtsmen have been developed, which will make your adventure on the yacht easier and more enjoyable. May we introduce the sailor’s must-have – 5 apps essential on board!

1. Seabook
First on our list is the application irreplaceable for beginner yachtsmen. It allows for easy and quick acquisition of comprehensive knowledge about sailing. From now on, knots and signal flags will have no secrets from you. There you'll also find some basic information about navigation and marine meteorology. Its users appreciate the intuitive interface and regular information updates. On top of that, it's also available on the yacht's deck in the offline mode.

2. Dockwa
One of the best applications of 2020. It undeniably deserves this title due to its usefulness as it is this aspect that users most often pay attention to. Thanks to this app, you can book berths directly from your phone. Dockwa already has a large base of marinas and yacht clubs. Still, new locations appear every day in the app. What's more, Dockwa is free for sailors! Thanks to it you'll find and book the best offer for you. Even if you decide to do it at the last minute! All necessary information gathered in one place enables fast and easy comparison of services and prices.

3. Windy (Windyty)
Bad weather can ruin even the most beautiful yacht adventure. Therefore, it's better to keep up to date with weather changes so as not to be surprised unpleasantly. The main features of the app are the report and the wind alarm. After setting the wind alarm, you'll receive real-time notifications about upcoming storms and tornadoes. An additional convenience is the weather archive, which is a collection of information about temperature, pressure and precipitation that has occurred in recent years. This will certainly make it easier for you when planning your next trip. The app also allows you to determine the wave forecast and gives you free access to sea maps. Moreover, thanks to live streams you can see what's happening in a given location. There's also a possibility of putting several screens together. In short, we recommend Windy because of its universal character, which makes it useful for everyone!

4. Nebo
A very unusual proposition among the apps we presented. Nebo allows you to record your journey. Reason for success? Simplicity! With this app, you'll forget about the tedious attempts to find the perfect shot, because the app will do it for you. Also, there's an option that allows you to share your video with family and friends so they can enjoy the journey with you! With Nebo, you can easily share the status update with your friends. Once the cruise starts, information such as speed, track and weather observations will automatically appear.

5. Navionics
This is the most popular navigation app. Right after its installation, we have to download a map of the area we're interested in. Navionics means numerous features such as:

  • marinas and restaurants search engine
  • information on currents and floats
  • track record
  • details on weather conditions.

The app does not only allow you to track existing routes but also to add new ones. The only disadvantage of the application is that it's not free. However, before you decide to purchase it, you have the opportunity to test it for 2 weeks as part of a free trial period.


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