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7 book recommendations for yacht enthusiasts | Guide

There is no way that the bookshelf of both a seasoned admirer and an amateur yachting enthusiast could be lacking any of these books. Below we present 7 literary items, all of which we recommend with a clear conscience.

1. Principles of Yacht Design by Lars Larsson, Rolf Eliasson & Michael Orych
With this book you will learn how to design yachts from A to Z. You'll find a lot of technical knowledge in this book. Authors didn't miss a single detail. Numerous charts and drawings help you understand the basics of yacht design. The perfect position for both yacht designers and demanding yachting enthusiasts. 

2. The Knot Bible by Nic Compton
The Knot Bible contains 200 of the most useful sailing knots. This book is a true repository of knowledge. It is as many as 288 pages of practical information and explanations, also providing valuable tips. The techniques presented in this book will enable you to choose the right knot for a given situation.

3. Stand up paddleboarding - a beginner's guide by Simon Bassett
When thinking about yachting, it is impossible to remain silent about water sports. They are a great way of spending free time in marinas. The book is dedicated to SUP, which is a board with a paddle. Sounds inconspicuous, right? Meanwhile, it is the fastest growing water sport in the world. With this beginner's guide, you will learn what this sport is all about!

4. Lonely Planet Croatia
This list could not miss Croatia. Charming cities of this country attract lovers of yachting. Among the numerous classical guides, we offer something unconventional. Titbits about Croatia will make it a really close encounter with this country.

5. First Lady by Kay Cottee
An incredible book written by an incredible woman. Kay Cottee is an Australian sailor. She did something extraordinary, having sailed around the world alone without any stops in the ports. The book is a direct and exciting account. Sometimes it will make you feel touched, sometimes it will make you feel like you're on a yacht and still another time it will amuse you to tears.

6. Reading the Clouds: How You Can Forecast the Weather by Oliver Perkins
Reading from the clouds is a guide to predicting the weather. The ideal yachting brings to mind the beautiful weather. Clear skies, sunshine and the surrounding views are probably everyone's dream. The book will allow you to discover the secrets... of the weather. Once you read it, you will be able to easily predict it, by only looking at the clouds.

7. Manual of Seamanship by Tom Cunliffes
Last, but not least, sea practice on sailing and motor yachting. Particularly recommended for beginners. You can boldly call it universal. Thanks to it, you will learn both the basic facts and sophisticated titbits about yachting. It certainly cannot be called a typical textbook. Numerous illustrations and photos make it a light reading about yachting.


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