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6 golden tips before charter a yacht | Tips



Are you planning a yacht charter? Are you dreaming of a unique holiday on a yacht?
It doesn't matter if you're doing it for the first time or planning your next yacht charter.
6 golden tips from Heads Yachting will make your experience unforgettable! Find out what needs to be decided before chartering a yacht.

1. Number of people
A yacht charter should be preceded by a plan. First, determine who and how many people you want to take on board with you. It’s the people you’re travelling with and the number of them that affect organisational issues. The choice of yacht, the location and the budget of the yacht charter depend on them. Without establishing the correct number of persons on board, misunderstandings and disappointments may arise unnecessarily. Here the following are of great importance:

  • cabin layout
  • number of beds
  • extra decks

It's also advisable to determine what type of charter you are looking for. Keep in mind that some yachts are built for families, while others are better suited for people who are just looking for fun. Such people pay attention to additional amenities, such as water sports opportunities and the type of water toys available on board. Depending on the preferences and the number of people you plan to charter a yacht with, choose the right one. Some yachts are more comfortable for two people. Others are large and versatile enough to meet the needs of even a larger group. Planning together is certainly a way to reach compromise and satisfaction.

2. Convenient charter dates
Before sending a request to a charter company, choose a sailing date that is convenient for you. Not specifying a date complicates many things. The time for planning and receiving offers gets longer as the availability of motor yachts changes very quickly.

3. Dream location

It's another point on the list to determine before chartering a yacht. It seems like a simple matter, but practice shows otherwise. Find out what temperatures and when you can expect in a particular region. Ask yourself what you want to do during your free time in the marina. What facilities are a priority for you? What budget are you able to allocate for leisure time? If you decide to travel with a larger group, it's worth discussing this beforehand. There’s always some common goal. It could be, for example, to visit historical monuments. Such a priority already narrows down the choice of the marina and suggests a culturally rich region. The same goes for other expectations. Before chartering a yacht, you have to be sure that the place offers the things you value most!

4. Insurance
Insurance is one of the most important things to think about before chartering a yacht. You can choose from different options and prices. At Heads Yachting, we recommend that you take out deposit and liability insurance against accidents.

5. Packing
This is an important moment before any trip, including a yacht charter. If you want it to be a unique adventure, you need to be prepared. Swimming costumes, comfortable shoes and clothes kick off the list of charter essentials. Also, be sure to take sunscreen, headwear, and sunglasses. Yachts are floating luxury, so their design is sure to delight you. However, don't hesitate to take along your favourite belongings, books or e-book reader. Of course, you should also remember to take the necessary documents with you, i.e. your identity card, passport and, for bareboat charter, a valid license and authorization to operate a motor yacht.

6. Comfort
Last on our list, but invaluable for any yacht charter! Remember that you can apply to a professional charter company for the sake of your comfort, safety and time-saving. Especially the first charter is an exciting challenge, but it also involves many legal issues, e.g. necessary documentation. Heads Yachting is a team of dedicated professionals who can help you with the choice of location, yacht and dates. We’re happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. At Heads Yachting, luxury is reality and we turn dreams into plans. Contact us today!


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