Perfect gifts for lovers of sailing

A great gift idea for yachting fans

Christmas is fast approaching. And although there are only a few days left to them, you still have a chance to find a gift. What will please a yachting fan? You will find the answer to this question in our article. A handful of gift inspirations for a sailor await you!

1. A book for a sailor – the perfect way to broaden your knowledge

A book for a sailor

The book is not a revealing idea. But it’s definitely one of the most beloved Christmas gifts. Everyone who likes to read will surely like it. It will work for true enthusiasts of yachting. But also people who are just starting their adventure with it. Among the motor yachting literature, there are many books for beginner yachting enthusiasts. We have already presented the list of bestsellers on this subject in the previous blog post.

2. Sailing pocket knife – a practical gadget

Sailing pocket knife - a practical gadget

A true yachting expert will surely need a professional sailing pocket knife with a shackle shaker and a marshal. We can safely call it a must-have on a yacht. In addition, its unquestionable advantage is additional functionality. It contains tools such as:

  • Marszpikiel
  • shackler
  • can opener
  • toothpick

A sailing pocket knife is sure to come in handy in emergencies such as loosening knots or cutting ropes.

3. A small thing, but it makes me happy

A little gift for a sailor

A true fan of yachting will be satisfied with everything … that evokes associations with a sailing passion. If you run out of ideas or are on a budget, you can purchase a keychain. In addition, the great advantage of this gift is the wide selection. A variety of colors, shapes and themes will make your choice easier. Floating key rings are the most popular in this category.

4. More expensive gifts for the more demanding

More expensive gifts for more demanding sailors

Our inspirations also included more expensive gifts. This category includes specialized sailing devices and professional accessories. Among them we can mention: wind gauges, binoculars, bags and waterproof backpacks. An exclusive idea is a miniature yacht model. Such a gift will surely please every collector. Our last Christmas gift proposition is a yacht charter. However, we are 100% sure that every yachting fan dreams of it!

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