Nautical gadgets – TOP 5

Want to give a sailor a pleasant surprise? A loved one who is passionate about sailing is celebrating and you are looking for a tasteful gift for her? What gadgets are worth opting for? Here are a handful of tips. We encourage you to read!

Gift for a sailor – 5 best suggestions

A gift for a sailor? Preferably a trinket with a nautical theme. We have prepared several suggestions.

1. Mugs with a nautical theme

Mug nautical theme

Mugs with a nautical theme – a mug is a practical, yet tasteful and inexpensive gift. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for mugs of different capacities and shapes, with different motifs. Choose from mugs with an anchor, with a sailor’s knot, with a steering wheel, with a ship and many, many more. The mug will come in handy both on the yacht and while relaxing at home.

2. Jewelry and accessories with a nautical theme

Jewelry and accessories with a nautical theme

Jewelry and accessories with a nautical theme – jewelry is a nice trinket for both men and women. Bracelet, key lanyard, key ring and other such gadgets will be a hit. Such a gadget will emphasize the passion of the recipient, and what’s more, it will be a tasteful addition to many styles. Jewelry of different styles is available, we can be tempted by handmade jewelry, with engraving, in different materials.

3. Boats in bottles

Boats in bottles

Boats in bottles – a boat in a bottle will suit any sailor perfectly. This is an elegant gift that will become a keepsake for many, many years to come.

4. Yacht models

Yacht models

Yacht models – a yacht model is another of our suggestions. A model of a sailboat, pirate ship, motor yacht, racing yacht or fishing boat will be a pleasant surprise and a unique decoration at the same time. We can purchase both models designed to be mounted on the wall and to be placed on a dresser or bedside cabinet.

5. Cufflinks


Cufflinks – cufflinks are sure to match the nautical passion, they will also complement many a style and give it a unique touch. There are pins with many motifs, silver, gold-plated, solid color or colorful. The clips are available in a wide price range, so we are sure to fit our budget.

Other nautical souvenirs

Other interesting gifts for sailors include a key rack in the shape of a steering wheel, books of all kinds, for example, such as the Knot Bible.

A great gift is also a photo from a cruise together (best if you put the photo in a tasteful frame – with a nautical theme, of course).

Good luck!

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