Motor yacht charter – the safest vacation

Many people decide to go on vacation in late August or September. No wonder, because then the weather in southern Europe is perfect. Motor yacht charter provides the safety that tourists are so much sought after during the COVID-19 pandemic. Discover its advantages with us!

A few words about yachting

Yachting as a perfect way for a luxurious holiday in the midst of nature.

Motor yachts are a great alternative to spending time on a crowded beach. The first and foremost reason is security. Renting a yacht will allow you to spend time with your loved ones – family or friends. This means you won’t have to worry about keeping your social distance.

Why is it worth going on motor yachts?

You decide who will be with you on the yacht! There are many different places on land that offer tons of activities. Unfortunately, they all attract hundreds of tourists. This is due to their availability – their price is lower than luxury entertainment. Here are some other important reasons why you should choose motor yachts:

Multiple ports to choose from

Croatia is one of the most amazing Yacht Charter destinations. If you don’t like big, popular ports, you can always choose smaller ones like Veli Iž. A smaller marina does not mean that you will not be happy. You can still enjoy the cruise and admire the picturesque Croatian coast along the Adriatic Sea.


You can feel at home on the yacht. Toilets, showers and the possibility to choose your favorite dishes. Independence is a true luxury that will never go out of style.

Customized amenities

This is another proof of independence, because you decide what amenities you need. You eat what you want and you don’t waste your precious time looking for a restaurant. You can have anything you want without waiting in line. You will avoid crowded restaurants and pubs. Yachting gives you privacy!

Limited contact with staff

You will contact the staff only at the time of renting and returning the yacht. During this time, keeping a safe distance and using personal protective equipment is a must.

High quality of services

Yacht charter is a luxury service, so the price is binding. Cleanliness and disinfection are an absolute standard.

The natural environment will help you relax!

The fresh sea air makes you feel like you are part of nature.


Thanks to this, you can relax and completely forget about all the problems. Being out in the open sea is a great way to spend your vacation. Especially now, when it is advisable to avoid crowded places. Breathing fresh air strengthens your immune system.

This will help you fight colds and infections that occur especially in the fall. Yachting is like discovering new flavors. Don’t you think it’s the easiest way to ensure you and your loved ones have a safe and beautiful vacation? If so, let HEADS YACHTING do the rest!

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