Motor yacht charter as the safest holiday choice

At a time when social isolation and being in the group of only the closest people has become a desire worth its weight in gold, sailing on a motor yacht in solitude seems and probably will be the safest form of vacation after 2020.

At the moment, we are all waiting for information on the opening of borders to tourists, especially those closest to Croatia. That is why we are already seeing an upward trend in offers and reservations for motor yacht charters, which confirms our belief that you, dear customers, think exactly the same as we do. Each of us would like to pack a suitcase and set off to a beautiful, sunny place, away from what has happened to us recently.

Yacht charter around Split

We, as a charter company based in the vicinity of Split (Marina Lav), are preparing for your party very actively and we cannot complain about the lack of work. Of course, preparations are also underway in terms of providing you with the best sanitary protection and health safety. We want you, Dear Customers, to feel safe and comfortable with us this season, that’s why Heads Yachting will apply the following solutions:

  • disinfected parking spaces,
  • measured body temperature before and after the charter,
  • security during check-in (employees wearing masks and gloves)
  • the captain also wears a protective mask and gloves,
  • cleaning and disinfection of the yacht after each charter with a special cleaning and disinfection certificate,
  • on board we provide: hand disinfectant, hand towels, gloves, masks, disinfecting spray, additional cleaning agents, hand soap, hot water,
  • We return towels and bedding to the laundry, which uses a detergent that kills all bacteria (Sanytol Antibacterial);

An offer for lovers of motor yachts

For fans of motor yachts, we have also prepared a more flexible form of daily charters, which will certainly also work for those “less determined” and spontaneously looking for vacation opportunities. Such people will often make a decision to charter at the last minute, but for a short time. Here, we highly recommend the option with an experienced captain who knows all Croatian islands inside out. However, of course, you can still charter without a crew (bareboat) with a current motorboat license and in Croatian waters with a VHF license.

I think it is an excellent option for customers who want to move away from the mainland for a while and forget about the mundane world. We also have long-term reservations and inquiries. In an upward trend, we are observing the desire for charters for more than a week. Which is also very interesting and certainly confirms the need to spend an open-air vacation with your loved ones.

Dream vacation in Croatia

The fact that you are away from crowded places and overcrowded hotels helps a lot in making a decision about such a vacation. The very fact that our base is located in a private, very intimate marina is a big plus. It is not a commercial place where you meet large groups close together. We are convinced that we will meet your trust and that we will find ourselves in these limited conditions. Motor yacht charters take on a completely different dimension, and safety in this form is an ideal option for a dream vacation. I am sending you lots of positive vibes and see you in Croatia.

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