Dream vacation on a motor yacht?

Dream vacation – what can you do on a yacht?

If you choose a motor yacht cruise in Croatia, you have to realize that during the cruise, the yacht will become your home. So staying on board will be a paradise everyday! Get ready for water that will surround you from almost all sides and for beautiful sunsets.

But is a yacht trip just sailing? Definitely not! Yacht charter does not end with swimming, covering subsequent distances or landing at selected marinas. It’s also a lot of free time that you can spend in many different ways! What can you do on the yacht?

1. Dolphins in Croatia

Dolphins in Croatia

Have you chosen a yacht charter in Croatia? Then get ready for hot sun rays! Use them and spend a long time catching the sun’s heat.

At sea, the rays of the sun are much stronger, and this can translate into a spectacular tan obtained in a short time. Lounging on the yacht while listening to the sound of the waves is a perfect recipe for a great holiday. And if you are lucky, you will encounter some beautiful dolphins !

2. Snorkeling – diving in the Adriatic Sea

Snorkeling - diving in the Adriatic Sea

Another form of activity during the cruise is simply… swimming ! Warm waters will surround you, begging you to jump into them for a moment. Snorkeling, the simplest form of “diving”, will bring you a lot of joy, and the specimens spotted under the surface will be a real source of pride. Traveling on a dinghy is also a good idea to spend your free time! Swim into one of the caves or just practice controlling it.

3. Attractions on land

Attractions on land

Sometimes you will come ashore . A yacht trip in Croatia is usually characterized by short trips between the ports, which means that you will moor in beautiful places relatively often. Charming bays, picturesque islands, beaches hidden from tourists, places only accessible by sea and port towns await you. In many of the places we visit, time literally has stopped, and life flows there in a completely different mode. You will surely come across such areas in Croatia.

When arriving at the port, look around for local attractions. Renting a motorboat, renting a bike, scooter or quad bike, or maybe something extreme, such as kitesurfing or a ride on a steel rope suspended somewhere above the precipice? Or maybe you prefer to test local forms of transport? Everyone will find the perfect option for themselves!

4. Stand Up Paddle Board – hot training

Stand Up Paddle Board - hot training

How about combining business with pleasure? It is worth getting to know one of the most popular water sports – Stand Up Paddle Board! SUP is one of the easier types of surfing, and additionally, thanks to the use of a paddle, it is not dependent on the wind. The main task is to stay on the board drifting in the water, giving it the right direction and not letting it be knocked over by the waves.

The rules of SUP are very simple and it doesn’t take long to learn them. The sport itself, however, requires a lot of concentration and the ability to maintain balance. It uses many muscles at the same time and activates the entire body. It can be tiring, especially at the beginning, but we recommend it to everyone – both adults and children can train.

5. Jet Ski – the king among water scooters

A journey across the Adriatic Sea cannot be complete without a Jet Ski adventure! Jet Ski, i.e. a jet ski, is a type of a motorboat, but it is much more maneuverable and faster than it. It can be used, for example, for exciting madness on the water, racing or for pulling water skiers or paragliders. Water scooters are for those who are not afraid of speed and high power. Jet Ski can accelerate to over 110 km / h, so you will definitely feel the wind in your hair!

And these are just a few ways to spend your dream vacation on a yacht!

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