Discover with us a new brand on the nautical market!

With a new year comes the perfect time for the yachting world’s news. In this post, we’d like to introduce you to a new brand on the nautical market, Explorer. The brand’s creation will be a motor yacht Blue Moon, which is supposed to impress us at the very first sight!

The origins of the Explorer Yacht 62 project

The concept, born 3 years ago, was guided by the desire to create something unique. It’s safe to say that the design of the Explorer motor yacht is to present a new dimension of luxury. It’s supposed to focus on the utmost safety and maximum comfort. All this is achieved thanks to the skillful use of new technologies. The creator of the project, Riccardo Radice, is a specialist in the yachting industry and an entrepreneur. He was inspired to create
a space, which will allow people to fully pursue their passion for yachting and combine it with social life and entertainment.
The Explorer brand puts great importance on the technical side of the project. As proof, the company has engaged in cooperation with Centro Stile Design, a renowned Italian studio of nautical and industrial design. The Explorer brand also pays close attention to design. This doesn’t only concern the exterior design, but also the interior decor. The Blue Moon motor yacht reveals the brand’s strong desire to create a yacht with a strong stylistic personality. The layout and purpose of the interiors are defined by functional reasons. Everything has been carefully planned. Top quality is to be seen at every turn, even in the smallest details.

Blue Moon yacht

The real work of the Explorer brand will be the Blue Moon motor yacht, expected to be launched in June 2021. It will follow all the design guidelines. Explorer Fly 62 Blue Moon will cruise at speeds of up to 25 knots. Three-dimensional space and illuminated interiors will be achieved by completely glazing the lounge part of the yacht. In the design, great emphasis was put on the identity of the interior. The handles and helm will feature the new shipyard’s logo – an elephant’s head with two aquamarines for eyes. The contrasting yet aesthetically pleasing combination of matt and glossy finishes is designed to work perfectly with the lighting. The whole will be emphasized by the sublime use of white, highlighting the high-quality workmanship. Special attention should be paid to the cockpit design of this motor yacht. It’ll feature exclusive, comfortable sofas and accessories upholstered in leather and fabric. The furniture will be movable to create your very own interior arrangements. The third deck (flybridge) is intended to be an ideal place for meeting with friends and sunbathing. Motor yacht Explorer Fly 62 Blue Moon also provides additional facilities such as:

  • the flybridge’s hardtop with electrical awning
  • Gyro Stabilizer
  • water maker
  • ice maker cockpit
  • dishwasher
  • washing machine
  • DPS system (Dynamic Position System)

The new vision of luxury also manifests itself in drawing inspiration from the most renowned brands. The doors of the yacht’s garage will open in the same way as Lamborghini’s doors!

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