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A blog about charter motor yachts

Learn the secrets of sailing and choose the right yacht for your vacation.

The real journey starts with planning, find out more about motor yacht charter and spend the best vacation with us.

Anchoring a boat - a short guide

Although the activities involved in casting and retrieving an anchor seem simple, they require skill and experience. Correct anchoring is very important for the safety of the crew, the vessel and the marine environment (living organisms, se

How to properly plan a cruise? Prt 2

Planning a yacht cruise is not the easiest task. However, once everything is prepared, all that remains is to sit back and wait for the day the holiday begins. So, how to plan everything? In the first part of our guide we discussed the ch

How to properly plan a cruise? Part 1

A holiday on a cruise means the sound of waves, arriving at ports located on picturesque coasts and visiting seaside towns. To make the cruise an unforgettable experience for all members of the crew, every detail of the expedition should be

Croatia's most beautiful harbours

Unique landscapes, elegant restaurants, comfortable places for rest and relaxation are just some of attractions offered by Croatian marinas

Yacht equipment

Yachting cruises are an unforgettable adventure. Beautiful landscapes, the sound of the ocean, the opportunity to visit unique corners of the world are just the beginning of a long list of attractions.

Most commonly used water toys during a charter

Water sports and all sorts of crazy activities in the water are a great way to relax. In this case, water toys will prove indispensable.

Caves in Croatia that you must see

Croatia is a unique country. Memorable views, beautiful beaches and a whole host of attractions await tourists.

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